Friday Finds!

So, we know that we are headed for the cooler weather and there are so many great patterns out there to keep you and your family warm and cozy.   I found a couple that I wanted to share with you and might even decide to make myself!

One way to stay nice and warm is to knit a great neck-hugging cowl.  This one is even knitted in my favorite color, grey!


This adorable hat will keep your little one safe from any winter weather!  You can also make it for yourself as well.  I just love the color too!


Happy knitting,


The Tugboat Roundup!

This weekend was the Tugboat Roundup in Waterford, NY.  This event brings the canal to life with all sizes and shapes of tugboats, vendors of food and handmade goods, fireworks and more!  Just a great time to walk around and enjoy the great weather and sights.  The tugboats were open to walk around in and check out.  Here are some of my pictures!

















My knitting is going well.  My sock (singular) is getting along nicely.  I love the way the colors blend in with the ribbing. This is the pattern that is a straight knitting tube till you decrease for the toes area.  It was appropriately called, Simple Sock Knitting Pattern!  I am anxious to finish the one sock and start the other.  This is the beginning (hopefully) of many more socks!




Happy knitting,



Friday Finds!


September is proving to be warmer than August was and it’s nice to look around and still find beautiful flowers!

So, I found this awesome free pattern on Ravelry just in time for autumn.  It’s called a Lace Cotton Pouchette and I love the way the pattern has a unique open-weave pattern along  the  lower section of the Pouchette.  I am excited to give this fun pattern a try!  I would love to knit it in a rich, fall color like deep green, golden yellow or even a pale pumpkin shade.  The possibilities are endless!



Happy knitting,


September is here!

Hope everyone had a great Labor Day weekend.  For the most part, my weekend was busy and fun, especially  since I was finishing up celebrating my birthday of last week!  Thanks to all the well wishes and to family and friends, too!  For most of us, it is back to work, schools are starting, and teachers are scrambling!  It’s been really hot and humid, so we are not thinking of fall yet.  Please tell my trees, cause their leaves are definitely falling all over my green grass!  I do think autumn is beautiful, I would just like it to wait a little while longer!


Puppy and I spend some time on the front steps since I still have my ankle wrapped and am not supposed to be walking him.  Thanks to my helper who has been coming by and walking puppy every couple of days.  It keeps him in check and not driving me crazy when he looks at me and seems to say, “what’s the deal – time to take me for a walk”!  He is such a funny dog!


Here he is before his trip to the groomers.  I love the way he looks, but it’s a lot of care and he has now bumped twice into the door on the way into the house, so I think those cute bangs have to go!

My pumpkin 2 row reservable scarf is completed and ready for the upcoming fall weather!  According to the new Vogue Knitting magazine a “must have for fall is a statement scarf!”


Make this your statement scarf this fall!




Happy Knitting,





Friday Finds!

I’m waking up to another beautiful day to the beginning of Labor Day weekend!


I just received an email about the Vogue Knitting Live Destination Event being held in Block Island, RI in early September!  It looks like 4 days of knitting workshops, visiting the Northern Light Fibers Micro Yarn Mill, and key speaker, Deborah Newton.  Sounds like an awesome few days with some very talented knitters.  This event will be unique in that besides the great networking and learning experience, it looks like the sights of Block Island are beautiful!  This will be on my wish list for sure!

Happy knitting,




So, I’ve looked at a couple good-byes this weekend, as I am sure many have.  It’s near the end of August, which means summer is almost over.  Good-bye to son (for now), who is off again to complete his work in New Hampshire.  Why are good-byes so hard!  Parents and families all over are saying good-bye to family, summer-fun, and summer weather!  We have had a great time with family and friends.  So many memories, so much to be thankful for!  Time to move on to what September will bring and I am ready!


I went on a road trip on Friday last week and what an experience.  Best girlfriend and I went to the Corning Museum to complete a glassblowing class.  Now, I can’t give away too many details, since it’s going to be a gift, but what an interesting place.  The many demonstrations were all conducted by very talented, young, college age people.  The Museum does a very good job of giving all age groups interesting, short, and pointed informational demos.  One of my favorite was the fiber optics that introduced us to the use of very fine glass wiring, at least that’s what it looked like to me, and talking about how it will someday soon be replacing copper wiring.  It was said that the tiny glass wire could hold so much more information, such as phone calls and technology, than we could ever image!  The following are some pictures that I took along the way!




Glass blow holiday ornaments!


In this picture, she is actually pouring very hot glass to complete another part of her creation!



This “tree” of glass stands about 8 feet tall and is so impressive!  It is a must see!



The exhibits were unbelievable. Such a wide range of styles, sizes, and artisans.   Awesome!


The scarf, you know, the 2 row reversible, is coming along nicely.  I am well into the second skein of yarn and will show pictures next time.  I have also started to knit a new pair of socks.  This pattern is an easy, easy way to go.  It is k2,p2 ribbing all the way till you get to the toe decreases!  I’m working it in a various shades of blue.  Here is a early picture of my new project!



Happy travels, happy knitting,


Boat Trip!

Well, I would like to say that I did a bunch of knitting this past weekend, but son came for a long awaited visit and it was so hard not to just work around his schedule!  We all had a great breakfast/brunch on Sunday, with son being the main cook.  Daughter and son–in-law were there and well and son’s very helpful girlfriend.  It’s so much fun to be the assistant or better yet, just be told to sit and watch!   So, I’m still working on the 2 row reversible scarf but have not been able to start anything else.  Family comes first!

Puppy has been so excited to see son, his little short stubby tail just keeps on wagging.  Here he is waiting and waiting for son to wake up!


Saturday night we did go on a local boat trip on the Hudson River. It was so much fun with dinner and dancing included.  We went with a bunch of friends and we had a great meal and very loud dancing music.  Since my ankle still is totally better, I of course, still danced. Oh well, it hurts whether I dance or don’t dance!  Anyway, here are some pictures of the night.  The boat is called the JP.









Happy knitting,


Friday Finds!

Welcome to Friday!  It’s been a really busy week, so this Friday Find is going to be really short.  First, here is my scarf that I have been working on.  I think I am going to use the second skein of yarn so that I have (or someone else has) enough to wrap around them during cold days.


I have been trying to continue with my sock knitting and have been having trouble sticking with it.  So, thanks to the internet, I found this easy pattern for socks.  Will be trying that when I get a minute!


Have a great weekend and happy knitting,


Road Trip!

Another beautiful weekend-so happy to be outside enjoying it!  Special person and I hit the road and headed east!


Take a look at some of my pictures from Bennington, Vermont. It was a beautiful weekend!


Here are some shots of the Old First Church, congregation organized in 1762, which according to the plaque it held 650 people and cost $7,893.20 to build!  I seem to be attracted to the past, in its simplicity and clean images! What it must have been like all those years ago..









And, finally the Vermont Point – so awesome!  It was closed when we went by, but I’ve been up to the top before – great views!



And my knitting, my 2 row reversible scarf is looking pretty good.  It works quickly and is  really nice and neat!




Happy travels and knitting,


Friday Finds!

Morning!  What a beautiful Friday!  Sunny, warm-but not too warm and enjoying my morning coffee with puppy and reading my Sunflowers book.  Looking out my back window the family of deer have decided that it’s time to get up and get moving.  I have tried on several occasions to get pictures of them, but they are very preceptive!



Remember, while on my Boston trip we went to that knitting store called  Bead + Fiber? I noticed that they had this great looking bracelet that looked like fun to make.  I have always been interested in the concept of knitting a bracelet since I am a many-at-a-time bracelet person.  It was made using Lamb’s Pride yarn, bulky (85% wool, 15% mohair).  The wrapping yarn fibers include bamboo, cotton, silk, wool and acrylic.  Pretty!



Happy knitting,