Felting Fun!

I have found a new and so expressive medium!  How exciting to take a workshop at The Arts Center on hand-felting wool!  The instructor, Jeannie Thomma was so awesome!  Working with puffs of wool, layering, wetting the fiber, rolling and almost like hand-washing. Several steps, but all so interesting to see your idea becomes real. Those curly things are called, Jelly Rolls!  Haha, so much fun! Here are some pictures that I took along the way.






Two of my “finished” projects – drying on the wall!




This is my third and final project during the workshop;  My own clutch bag!




Happy knitting,






Friday Finds!

Since the weather is turning cooler, it a perfect time to knit up a pair of fingerless gloves.  I love the fact that I can do things a little bit easier than with a full glove.  You can hold, pick-up things, and even text and still feel the warmth!  Here is a pair I made and sell on my blog.  These are nice and long – keeping my whole arm red and covered!


I found a similar pair called fingerless mittens on this really fun website.  It’s a great, easy to follow pattern and I love the idea of a knitting party!  Get some friends and family together, with some food and drinks and before you know it everyone will be knitting, relaxing, and enjoying companionship. Take a minute to check out this site.

Happy knitting,


Pumpkins, Gourds, Oh My!


You would think that puppy went along for a ride with us. We just wanted to get in the car and go! It was a cloudy and windy day, but the temperature was kind of deceiving, it looked cool but the thermostat said 60 degrees.   We headed out Route 40, I think,  and came across the cutest pumpkin stand.  It was called Tiashoke Farms.  I just couldn’t help but snap a few pictures!


The nice lady told me that there are thousands of different kinds of gourds.  Here are some that we saw!


I really like the white ones…


What farm wouldn’t have this great old red pickup!


I did get some knitting done!  I finished one half of my pair of socks!


Thinking of the next project – want to make a cowl for someone this Holiday season?

Happy knitting,


Friday Finds!


Have you ever thought about how many knitting stitches there are out there?  Maybe not as many as leaves that are now laying like a blanket covering my backyard. I know in all the years that I have been knitting, it is something that I have wondered about.  Sometimes I would just try to follow the stitch directions to see how it looks, not really thinking about making anything in particular, just rows and rows of a certain stitch!  Then when you think of  all the patterns out there – there are so many!  So when looking around for more knitting stuff, I found this great site called, NewStitchaDay.com!  What a great idea.  The creator, Johnny Vasquez, has given us this opportunity to look at each stitch independently and at the pace that works best for you.  It’s nice to see a man involved in knitting too! The one stitch that attracted me this site is the Herringbone Stitch.  I just love the way the stitches go back and forth.  I want to try this stitch as soon as I get a minute….. Great color too!


Happy knitting,


Sunday in Saratoga!

The day was definitely cool, breezy, and beautiful.  A great afternoon to check out the Saratoga downtown and surrounding areas.  Special person and I walked along Broadway and I couldn’t resist taking some pictures of the beautiful buildings.





Here is a Horse Saratoga Style, just one of many that were created in  2002 and were intended to display different times of the past or to be just a decorative expression.  As you walk along Broadway they are all unique.  I believe the artists were fairly local and the local businesses helped support the idea. It’s kind of special to the area and really beautiful to look at.


We also stopped by the Saratoga Farmers Market and saws lots of great veggies, and homemade items.  I was especially excited  to see Alpacas of Haven Hill which is in Greenwich, NY.  I spoke with one of the owners (sorry, not sure if it was Judy Leon or Kim Atkins!) about their great place.  You have to check out their website and see all the alpacas and beautiful bouquets of fresh flowers, veggies, hand spun yarn and handmade knitted gloves, mittens, and scarfs.  All made from those cute alpacas on their farm.  Like many other customers, it was suggested that I could come visit, call first, and get a tour around the place!  Something I intend on doing real soon!

Happy knitting,


Friday Finds!

When the weather starts to get cooler, I know I feel better if I’m kept warm so, it’s time to get those knitting needles going to make a cozy, warm, cowl. Something to wrap the warm around your neck and keep that cool breeze away.   I found this great free pattern called The Sophia Cowl.  This is a quick, easy and fun way to look pulled together.


You will be wearing your new cowl in no time!  Love the color, too!


Looks like it’s time to rest, puppy is!

Happy knitting,


The Autumn Thing To Do!

Time to get those hand-picked apples and to see all the wonderful sites that go with it!  Off we went to one of our local apple orchard, Goold Orchards.  We went on a day that reached 82 degrees!  Surprisingly, there were lots of people and cars, but not that many apples.  Guess we were at the tail end of the season!  Anyway, it was great walking among the many apple tress and selecting only the apples that looked good to you!




We found lots of pumpkins, a huge field of them and found two that needed to come home!


I think my front steps show off my weekend activity nicely!


Puppy was so excited to see us.  He was waiting patiently for me to come home!


Happy travels,


Friday Finds!

The calendar says autumn, but the weather is still in the 70’s and, around here, hitting 80 degrees this weekend!  The great cool nights and bright sunshine are lighting up those yellows, oranges, and browns.  I am finding so many patterns that I want to do, but with little time available! Hopefully, some day I will be able to work on knitting of being with family for most on the day!  Time will tell!

I found probably the last of my hydrangeas!


I found this very unusual scarf on Ravelry is called Spoke Scarf and it is just beautiful! What a statement it makes!


Happy knitting,


Autumn welcome!

With the third week of September here, it’s officially Autumn, as of 10:29pm EST Monday evening.  I think its time to start looking at knitting those holiday gifts that might be on your list.  I had to show off some beautiful fall pictures first- the colors are just unbelievable!



So, off I went to my favorite local knitting store, Trumpet Hill, to look for some fun finger yarn to make a new pair of socks for someone?  I found this great yarn by Berroco Sox that is a super wash wool and nylon.  The colors in the yarn are so awesome!  there is blues, greens, pinks, even yellows and oranges.  I can’t wait to see how the yarn works in the k2p2 to ribbing pattern that I have mentioned before from Simple Sock Knitting Pattern.  This pattern is one of the easiest patterns, the ribbing continues until you start to decrease for the two area!  Can’t wait to move this knitting project along!


My socks are beginning with pinks and blues – looking good to me!


Start thinking about your knitting projects.

Happy knitting,


Friday Finds!

So, I been looking for something to make with the two skeins of beautiful yarn that I bought at the Old Sturbridge Village, in Massachusetts last weekend.  The colors, sage and dark walnut, are muted and remind me of colors we would see in the woods when colors change!  Here are a couple of ideas that I found!


How about this warm pair of Tweedy Mittens?  These are great to have on those cold winter days and I can use both of my skeins of yarn just like the pattern.


How about this great looking hat called Robin Hood.  I love the way the buttons add and unexpected interest.  Really cute!


Happy knitting,