Here We Go Again!

download1.7Well, puppy and I are bracing for more very cold weather and I have been busy knitting away.  I have been working on tiny mittens.  They are so tiny and work up very fast.  I love the colors, true boy colors, chocolate brown and navy.


I also made another pair of bright red wristers.  These are great in the cold weather, layering them with a light-weight gloves under for additional coverage.  With their length, I am sure to keep my wrist and arms covered from the cold.


I love my purple scarf which I made recently! It is made of mohair and is nice and long; perfect for wrapping around my neck a couple of times to keep the wind out.  The awesome scarf pin was given to me by my best friend.  It is hand-made by Nicholas & Felice (visit their Etsy shop! Oh and mine while you’re there 😉 ) and she also gave me matching earrings.  Love it!

download1.73 download1.72

Happy Knitting!



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