Sunny Day!


Happy new week to you all!  It’s finally a sunny day and not too cold for a change. Just got back from a nice walk with puppy and he is now sleeping peacefully!  No more jumping around every time I go near my sneakers.  It’s funny how he watches me look for socks in my dresser and if I start to walk toward the closet, he begins his winning and whimpering, he just loves to go for a walk and smell everything.  I think he doesn’t actually walk, he kinda prances!

Anyway, on to my knitting.  I have been working on the pointed scarf I told you about and really like the simplicity and beauty of it. I like the way there is a definite introduction to the next color.   I chose some colors that I hope daughter likes and then couldn’t resist buying another grouping of colors to try also.  What do you think so far?



I have to think about another project to begin – any suggestions?  A friend is sending me a picture of a baby hat she wants me to knit for her.  She ‘s a part-time photographer and has been asked to do some photos of a new baby and, of course, she thought of me for the only accessory the baby will be wearing!  How fun, photos to follow for sure!

Happy Knitting!



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