Is it spring yet?

I know the calendar says January, and it’s the middle of winter, but I am ready for some spring-like weather!!  The nice weatherman is predicting very cold temperatures again this week.  I know that I should not complain – cause I live in the northeast, but now that the new year has started and the holidays are all over, I am ready for some warmer, sunnier, and longer days!  I know that you would all agree, unless you enjoy shoveling, winter sports, (besides knitting) and feeling the bitter cold wind.  Haha, enough complaining – on to my knitting projects.

I am on the last point of the pointed scarf that I told you about for my daughter.  I like the way it is coming out and it will be long enough to wrap around the neck area nicely.  Actually, I might keep this one for myself and knit her another one.  I really need a neutral colored scarf!


So, have you heard about hexipuffs?  I found these on Never Not Knitting.  This is a great long term project that you can take along with you because you make individual little hexipuffs of knitting and then when you have like 1,000 of them you can sew them together to make a quilt.  It’s called A Beekeeper’s Quilt, cause they look like little honeycombs for bees! The little hexipuffs are filled with poly-stuff to make them soft and squishy.  I love the fact that you can use up some of your leftover yarn for this project or you can buy skeinettes that are enough yarn for one hexipuff.  Here’s a picture of what they look like.  I was thinking that this would look really cute in a little girls room, maybe someday!  It’s always good to plan ahead.  Anyway, I thought maybe I would try this out for a new project – this is something that I have never done before and it looks like it would be so much fun! Let me know if you have make this quilt – send me pictures!



Happy Knitting,



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