Friday Finds!

So, as I have mentioned, puppy is going to the groomers this Saturday and I know he will lose all of his wonderful, warm, fur.  The thought is that after it starts to get long, without daily brushing, the fur gets matted.  Unfortunately, it been something I am not proud of, but I have a hard time getting him to sit still for just about anything.  He is a full breed Cocker Spaniel and really doesn’t sit still for anything.  He is were attached to me and seems to understand what I am saying sometimes.  Now that son is off doing his new job out of state, it’s puppy and me against the world!  Anyway, I found two free dog sweaters; the Red Heart Sweater and the Knit Dog Coat on Ravelry that I hope to start pronto-just don’t think it will be done before I pick up puppy Saturday after his grooming appointment.  Well I can start it at least.  Tell me which you think is the winner!


Haha, puppy looks just like my rug.  Puppy came first and it was not intentional!




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