Friday Finds!


The temperatures have been dropping even though this is the last couple of days of February (Happy Birthday Mom!) and the weatherman says that the temperatures are 20 degrees lower than they should be!  So, I decided to make these slippers to keep the feet really warm.  I added a couple of buttons to the top of them, but you can either make a tie, a pompom or whatever you would like.  They knit up really fast and you can get creative with colors if you want.  Though my picture is on the dark side, the slippers are in a navy blue and are very comfortable.  I found on Pinterest a similar pattern that looks very much like mine; what did we do before Pinterest came along?  There are so many ideas out there and it’s addictive looking and pinning and looking and pinning! (If you are looking for some creative ideas, be sure to follow me on Pinterest!)

So, take a look at this pattern and see if you can knit up a pair before the night temperatures go way down again!

Happy knitting,



Good-bye February!

Here we are in the last week of February, 2014!  I am so excited that we are moving on to March and hoping for less and less winter and more and more spring!

Just got back from visiting family in Long Island and what a blast!  I so enjoyed sitting around the table, eating, drinking, and laughing so hard.  Happy Birthday Mom!  You are 87 years young!

I have been looking for the yarn to use for the baby blanket I need to start. I found these shades and also a multicolored skein of yarn that I like.  I might use the multicolored yarn for the baby hat and then also include it in the blanket.  The colors are called; Lt County Blue, County Blue, Dark County Blue, and Spring Brook.  They are all from Caron Simply Soft.  What do you think?


I feel kinda overwhelmed at this point, cause I have not started another project! I have the shawl to finish and the gray cowl, so pictures to follow.  And well, in my mind, I have so many ideas,  I want to knit and share so much with you all, but like everyone else, there are others things to do besides knitting.  I know, it’s hard to believe, but I have to get back to the painting.  I have completed one coat in the hallway, so first thing tomorrow, I’m  starting the second coat.    I think I am rambling, must be the lack of sleep, the driving, etc.  Anyway, have a great rest of the week and watch for my Friday Finds!

Happy Knitting,


Friday Finds!

We are still having winter weather, but if we look forward a little, I know that spring in not far away, which means there are lots of holidays that coming.  So, start thinking of knitting ideas for St. Patrick’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and Easter.  Did I forget any?  If you go to several of my favorite knitting websites, you can find some really great gift ideas.  Take Susan B. Anderson, a great knitter, has this adorable Easter bunny to knit!  I know that this little bunny will be on my knitting bucket list.


Also, along with spring, comes the time to look for lighter weight yarns in pretty spring colors. There are several sites that I like to look at for my yarn.  It doesn’t have to be the neighborhood yarn store anymore, and actually there unfortunately seems to be less and less of those.  I remember when I had a nice knitting store here in my area, and would love to go and look at all the new yarns, see what they have made as samples, and just talk to people that were enjoying the world of knitting like I was.  Now, you can go to Ravelry to do that and the scope of information, patterns, and ideas is on a grand scale.  If you haven’t already, check it out!

Well, I hope you all enjoy your weekend and try to think spring – maybe we can make it happen sooner!

Happy knitting,


It’s a New Week!

The last few days have been crazy!  Last week we got hit again with another 10+ inches of snow on top of the foot we already received the week before.  I couldn’t even think about “Friday Finds” cause I just didn’t even know how I was going to get out of my front door!  I had to make a path so that when puppy goes out he can find his spot.  Once I did  that  for him, you cannot see him at all.  Thankfully, a neighbor was having fun with his new snow blower and seemed to welcome the opportunity to work on my driveway.  That was a godsend.  I could never have shoveled all that snow by myself.  Check out my pictures, aren’t they awesome? We actually have seen a skunk trying to make his way along the top of the snow in midmorning!  He looked kinda cute from the window, but puppy was just a little confused as to who or what was out there looking like they wanted to play.  He’s already “played” with that skunk once or twice and has truly regretted it.

Anyway, hope your Valentine’s Day was as wonderful as mine.  My gifts were a success and son even came home to visit for the weekend.  By the way, he loved his new wool hat and it looks great on him.  Here’s a picture of the gifts I received, aren’t they just beautiful!


Well, on to knitting.  I have almost finalized the project for my photographer friend.  I going to make a fairly simple striped baby blanket in different shades of blue. It will probably look something like this one I found on Purl bee.   I think this will come across well in the photos. The hat style I am still working on.  I am not sure if I want to do earflaps with some kind of pompom on the top or just make it without the earflaps.  For some reason, to me, earflaps look so cute on a tiny baby.  Let me know what you think or if you  have any suggestions.


Oh, did I tell you that I have also been painting my living room? Well, as of today, I am glad to say that it is done.  Son helped with the second coat of ceiling paint and I am so glad.  It was kinda hard for me to reach even with the extension pole!  Now to move the furniture back, add some decorating stuff and maybe a new television?  Pictures to follow. Of course, there’s still the hallway and the stairway to do, but now that the furniture is in the house that will be my next project. Pictures to follow, but the color is light grey called Gravity, and it probably won’t show in a picture?

I started this quicky cowl neck in bulky Patons Classic Wool Roving yarn.  I wanted something to go with black and something quick and easy.  I’m using a pattern from the Winter, 2013 Knitsimple magazine, but I am probably not going to put the stripes in as the pattern calls for.  What I might do though is might make half of it the dark grey and add black or another neutral color, just not sure yet.


Keep warm and happy knitting!


Happy Monday!

Hope you all have had a wonderful weekend as I know I did.  I worked hard on completing some of my knitting projects along with helping with painting a room in my house and having some fun!  I have finished one of the ribbed watchcap hats for my son and I am working on another for my son-in-law. I have also completed the pointed scarf for my daughter.  So, as you can see I have been a busy knitter!  Oh, and I needed a quick change of projects, so I whipped up a quick washcloth in the multicolor yarn that I had laying around.   Here are my pictures.





So, I hope you are knitting some gifts for the people in your life.  There are so many different ideas out there,  I am sure you could find something that would be fun to make and very much appreciated.

Projects for me to get going on are those cute little hexipuffs that are so interesting to me, and poor puppy still doesn’t have a warm sweater to wear when we walk.  Though it’s been so cold that I really have not been taking him out for any long walks, and I have my treadmill to use.  But I can tell that he really needs to get out there to walk and burn up some of that extra energy that he has been showing by bouncing around the house.  So, today might be the day that we get that walk done on a nice and sunny morning!

Oh, and by the way, watch Etsy for some new knitted items by yours truly!

Happy knitting,


Friday Finds!

Well, next week is Valentine’s Day and there are all sorts of ways to surprise your loved ones with a little something and it doesn’t always have to be the traditional flowers and candy.  Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy receiving flowers, they brighten up any room and make us remember that spring is coming!  There are so many different gifts to give!  With the continued cold weather and snow, warm hats mittens, and scarfs would be greatly appreciated.  I am busy knitting some small gifts for the people in my life.  Pictures to follow.  Below are some ideas that I have found:

When I purchased the shawl project from Jimmy Beans Wool the package came with a JBW Project Pack #13, The Piece of My Heart Pincushion pattern.  The directions might be hard to read, but all you have to do is use your favorite red fabric, cut out a nice full heart shape, sew the two pieces together, stuff with fiberfill and finish with embellishments.  It’s a great little project and should work up real quick!

download 2.7

For knitters, I found this cute Heart Mug Hug from Red Heart.  What a great way to keep the person you care about thinking about you each time they have a cup of coffee.  The pattern can be downloaded for free and should only time a short time to complete!

Let’s not forget my love for sweets, for sure!  How about making some chocolate brownies, heart-shaped cookies, or yummy chocolate candy?

Happy knitting,


Happy February!

With a new month comes new projects.  I am happy to have a few projects to talk about.  First, I decided to knit a wool hat for son who is working hard.  He is a hiker and really enjoys the open skies and having a trail in front of him.  So, I selected this yarn blend of wool, acrylic, and nylon in a rich, deep brown, just like his eyes.  The pattern I have had for a long time and in paper copy only from Plymonth Yarn Company.  It is a ribbed watchcap, an easy pattern of k2,p2.  This will hug his head and keep his warm at the same time.  This it what it looks like so far.


Remember, I  was looking for a dog sweater for puppy?  Well, unfortunately, the weekend just got away from me, but puppy did get a grooming.  He looks so different – like he’s a completely different dog!  When he goes to the groomer, it is a traumatic experience for him.  He is such a nervous dog that it almost takes him a day to settle down and relax.  I finally got him to sit still for this picture.  The groomer always gives him a new bandana to wear home.  I will have to consider making that sweater for him soon!


Remember, I was telling you about the writer Ann Hood, who became a knitter and now includes knitting in her stories?  Well, I read her book, The Obituary Writer”, and enjoyed it very much.  The book won the Ladies Home Journal Book Club Award.  It was not what I expected and I know that you would enjoy it too.  So, I went back to my favorite bookstore, and purchased another book of hers called, “The Knitting Circle”.  Here’s a picture of it, I will let you know how it is when I have time to read it, but I am sure it is going to be great!


I am still working on the shawl and sweater, but both are probably for myself, so they are on my nightstand to by worked on soon.  I also want to make those hexipuffs, but I again have them on my list of projects to do.  I was thinking that I might make a couple of pillows maybe instead of a quilt.  I don’t know for sure – time will tell.

Happy knitting,