Friday Finds!


The temperatures have been dropping even though this is the last couple of days of February (Happy Birthday Mom!) and the weatherman says that the temperatures are 20 degrees lower than they should be!  So, I decided to make these slippers to keep the feet really warm.  I added a couple of buttons to the top of them, but you can either make a tie, a pompom or whatever you would like.  They knit up really fast and you can get creative with colors if you want.  Though my picture is on the dark side, the slippers are in a navy blue and are very comfortable.  I found on Pinterest a similar pattern that looks very much like mine; what did we do before Pinterest came along?  There are so many ideas out there and it’s addictive looking and pinning and looking and pinning! (If you are looking for some creative ideas, be sure to follow me on Pinterest!)

So, take a look at this pattern and see if you can knit up a pair before the night temperatures go way down again!

Happy knitting,



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