Friday Finds!

Happy Friday to all!

I want to review that book that I was telling you about that is a must read!  The Knitting Circle, by Ann Hood.  It’s all about the different lives and trials and tribulations of a few women that get together unexpectedly through knitting.  I could personally relate to some of the stories and I know you could probably find a little of yourself in there somewhere as well.  It proves to me, that through knitting and conversation, strong friendships are created!  Though considered an easy read, I personally think it brought strong emotions to the surface for this reader.  Check it out for yourself , whether you are a knitter or not and let me know what you think?




Happy Knitting,



Happy Monday!

Welcome to a new week.  The weekend is over and I have recouped from my marathon knitting order that I happily delivered on Friday night.  I have to say, I do like the way it came out and hope the mother-to-be that is receiving it feels the same way.  Because my friend, who placed the order, really liked the little hat, I have decided that I will maybe make a couple of more!  This time, I think I will use multicolored yarn and get into the pink family a little.  There are definitely little girls being born too!  Anyway, here’s a picture of both the hat and blanket.  Let me know what you think?


I just have to talk about my latest shopping trip to Trader Joe’s.  Hope you have one near you, beccause it’s the best.  I bought this spread called Eggplant Garlic and put some of it on their Artisan Multigrain Bread and it was so good!  That made my day of cleaning, vacuuming, and just picking up around the house.  You have to try it!


Well, on to my next knitting project. We are still in cold weather and  I have been looking and reading the last Vogue Magazine that I received and just trying to decide what to start next.  Most of the patterns are for spring and summer styles, so I could either get a just on that season or stick to the warmer knitting projects.  I will have to think about that one.  Besides the baby hats, my biggest problem is that I want to make everything I see and just don’t know what to start with.  I get myself in such a state looking and thinking at all the possibilities that I just can’t pick one.  If you look on Pinterest, you will see that I pin a lot of knitting ideas. There are so many great patterns out there, it’s really hard to decide.


Happy Knitting,


Happy St. Patty’s Day!

It’s a green day today!   I celebrated with family and friends on Saturday and I hope you all got a chance to relax and enjoy too.  That cabbage and corned beef was looking good.  I’m happy we are getting through the month of March, but we have not gotten out of the cold, cold weather.


I am working hard to complete the baby blanket and hat on time for my friend.  I just started the hat today as you can see and I really haven’t gotten very far.  Sleeping in a little today probably did not help!  Anyway, as a newborn hat goes, it shouldn’t take me too long.  I love the pretty blue that I’m using.  It’s not really the expected baby blue, it has a soft sheen to it that I love and I think it will look really good in the photos that are to come for this special little bundle of joy.  The pattern that I’m using is from Rachel’s Knits.



So working on my latest project, of course, has me putting my other knitting ideas on hold for just a short time.  But you all continue to knit away and share your projects with me!

Happy Knitting,


Friday Finds – on Saturday?

Well, as you can see.  I totally didn’t post my Friday Finds on time!  With my new job, I have yet to get my act together with time management.  I totally want to be out there and want more and more to work on that time, but it’s only been two weeks into the job and though I’m really liking it, I am coming home to a very I-need-to-go-out puppy, like immediately, and I’m just ready to get in my comfortable clothes and chill.   Anyway, I’m thinking of moving Friday Finds to Saturday Stuff?  Stay tuned.

So back to knitting and my life.  I have been very busy working on the baby blanket as the due date literally as been moved up quite a bit. It’s the baby shower date that has been moved up, the baby is right on schedule.   I’m actually thinking that I am going to have to make the baby hat and hopefully have most of the baby blanket done.  I just don’t know if I will be able to complete the blanket on time! Here’s what I have done so far.  What do you think?


So back to the work thing for a moment.  Remember I said that puppy really needed to go out by the time I got home, well did I also tell you that once I got home he was my shadow for the rest of the night!  I love him so much but really I’m going to trip over him one of these nights cause as soon as I turn around – he’s right there!  Look he even wants to  help me type my blog!  (he does look cute though)


Well, guess that’s about it for now.  Sorry it’s so short, see you Monday 🙂

Happy Knitting,


Spring Ahead!

Hope you all remembered to move your clocks forward one hour!  To me, it’s a love/hate idea.  I like the evenings staying light longer, great when we finally get into spring and summer weather, but really don’t much like missing an hour of sleep.  Who decided this anyway?  I thought it was, long ago, for the farmers or for our children on the school bus stop?  I certainly want children to be safe, and I guess I’m ok with the farmers having more time doing what they need to do, but I just really could use that extra hour, do you know what I mean?

Anyway, a sure sign that we are headed in the warmer direction.  I purchased my Vogue Knitting Magazine for Spring/Summer 2014.  As you would expect there are tons of  beautiful patterns to look at, many with open stitches and bright tropical colors.  They also have a nice variety of black and white sweaters.  Below is one of my favorites.



I have officially started the baby blanket that was ordered and I am excited to see the bold strips of the colors I have chosen.  The yarn, Caron Simply Soft, that I have mentioned in a previously is very soft and I am very happy with how it is beginning to look.  Stay tuned for more pictures on the blanket as it progresses.


I have started a new job, which I like very much, but that means less time knitting.  I have a few projects in the works and my ideas are many, so please check back with me and see what else I would like to show you.  I wish I could knit while sleeping – I could get to many more projects that way!

Happy Knitting,


Welcome March!

Here we are in the beginning of March and looking forward to better weather.  This was a great weekend for me and I hope for you also!  First, I went to a local knitting store, Trumpet Hill, that I haven’t been to before.  What a great experience, Robena, the owner and I had a wonderful conversation about our love of knitting and how it really has become a part of our lives. I bought this yarn by Schoppel, which is made in Germany.  It is called Zauberball.  It contains Virgin Wool, Nylon, Polyamid, and Schurwolle (super wash).  I’m going to knit this awesome  shawllete pattern called, Miss Winkle, available on Ravelry. Check it out!  You have to take a look at the pattern; it has these beautiful loops along the edge.  The pattern shows the yarn in variegated colors of different shades of pink.  I decided to use the colors shown in the picture below; taupe, light grays, rich browns and deep black. I’m going to knit it on circular needles in a size 2, which is pretty small from what I have been using.   I can’t wait to start this next project!  Pictures to follow.


Then, Friday night I got a surprise phone call from son saying that he was on his way home for a weekend visit.  Don’t know if I mentioned, but son took an awesome job in New Hampshire and left mid-January.  What a great start to the weekend!  Then, on Saturday, already planned, daughter and son-in-law came by to put up that new ceiling fan and light.  Boy, they were really glad to see brother!  We, along with son’s girlfriend, got so much done around my new living room.  The entrance way, hallway, and living room are painted a great color called Gravity by Valsper paint.  It brightens up the whole area!  It was so great to all be together, we even found time to enjoy a brunch by son along with the infamous Long Island bagels! Yum yum.

Happy knitting,