Spring Ahead!

Hope you all remembered to move your clocks forward one hour!  To me, it’s a love/hate idea.  I like the evenings staying light longer, great when we finally get into spring and summer weather, but really don’t much like missing an hour of sleep.  Who decided this anyway?  I thought it was, long ago, for the farmers or for our children on the school bus stop?  I certainly want children to be safe, and I guess I’m ok with the farmers having more time doing what they need to do, but I just really could use that extra hour, do you know what I mean?

Anyway, a sure sign that we are headed in the warmer direction.  I purchased my Vogue Knitting Magazine for Spring/Summer 2014.  As you would expect there are tons of  beautiful patterns to look at, many with open stitches and bright tropical colors.  They also have a nice variety of black and white sweaters.  Below is one of my favorites.



I have officially started the baby blanket that was ordered and I am excited to see the bold strips of the colors I have chosen.  The yarn, Caron Simply Soft, that I have mentioned in a previously is very soft and I am very happy with how it is beginning to look.  Stay tuned for more pictures on the blanket as it progresses.


I have started a new job, which I like very much, but that means less time knitting.  I have a few projects in the works and my ideas are many, so please check back with me and see what else I would like to show you.  I wish I could knit while sleeping – I could get to many more projects that way!

Happy Knitting,



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