Friday Finds – on Saturday?

Well, as you can see.  I totally didn’t post my Friday Finds on time!  With my new job, I have yet to get my act together with time management.  I totally want to be out there and want more and more to work on that time, but it’s only been two weeks into the job and though I’m really liking it, I am coming home to a very I-need-to-go-out puppy, like immediately, and I’m just ready to get in my comfortable clothes and chill.   Anyway, I’m thinking of moving Friday Finds to Saturday Stuff?  Stay tuned.

So back to knitting and my life.  I have been very busy working on the baby blanket as the due date literally as been moved up quite a bit. It’s the baby shower date that has been moved up, the baby is right on schedule.   I’m actually thinking that I am going to have to make the baby hat and hopefully have most of the baby blanket done.  I just don’t know if I will be able to complete the blanket on time! Here’s what I have done so far.  What do you think?


So back to the work thing for a moment.  Remember I said that puppy really needed to go out by the time I got home, well did I also tell you that once I got home he was my shadow for the rest of the night!  I love him so much but really I’m going to trip over him one of these nights cause as soon as I turn around – he’s right there!  Look he even wants to  help me type my blog!  (he does look cute though)


Well, guess that’s about it for now.  Sorry it’s so short, see you Monday 🙂

Happy Knitting,



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