Happy St. Patty’s Day!

It’s a green day today!   I celebrated with family and friends on Saturday and I hope you all got a chance to relax and enjoy too.  That cabbage and corned beef was looking good.  I’m happy we are getting through the month of March, but we have not gotten out of the cold, cold weather.


I am working hard to complete the baby blanket and hat on time for my friend.  I just started the hat today as you can see and I really haven’t gotten very far.  Sleeping in a little today probably did not help!  Anyway, as a newborn hat goes, it shouldn’t take me too long.  I love the pretty blue that I’m using.  It’s not really the expected baby blue, it has a soft sheen to it that I love and I think it will look really good in the photos that are to come for this special little bundle of joy.  The pattern that I’m using is from Rachel’s Knits.



So working on my latest project, of course, has me putting my other knitting ideas on hold for just a short time.  But you all continue to knit away and share your projects with me!

Happy Knitting,



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