Welcome May!


I love my flowers from daughter from our Easter together!  They have welcomed in the spring weather and are a beautiful prelude to Mother’s Day.   This is the time of year that you realize just how lucky you are to be surrounded by your children, family, and all those that you love.

I’ve decided (as funny as it might seem) to start thinking about knitting some of my gifts for the upcoming Holiday season.  What better way to use your time effectively and efficiently than to work on your Holiday list now instead of panicking come November and probably not getting all that you wanted done!  So, with that in mind, I have started to knit a pair of socks.  I am using a sock pattern from Susan B. Anderson that is the most straight-forward pattern that I have found.  She makes it seems easy with her step-by-step instructions.  I have decided on a sock yarn with a gray background  and with little strands of colors like blue, dark pink and green, throughout the pattern.  I am using a light weight  sock yarn that is a wool blend so they can be worn comfortably once the weather turns cooler (not that I rushing it!)




I am also still knitting that sweater for myself, though I have to say, it has taken a back seat to my other projects, including yard work and socializing this past weekend.  I hope that I can have it done for the fall when I will really need it!



Happy knitting,



Friday Finds!

In a few short weeks, it will be Mother’s Day!  Time to remember your one and only mom! Spring is blooming all around us.


There are so many ways to make your mother feel special, whether you are sending her beautiful flowers, sending a memorable card, cooking for her, or spending the whole day with her, I know you both will enjoy every minute of it.

Remember you can look at my website and on Pinterest and find so many great patterns for springtime that your mother would love to wear!  Hear are some great ideas.What Mom wouldn’t like a colorful scarf or soft, cozy slippers?

Check it out for yourself!





Happy knitting,


Happy Tuesday!

Well, welcome to a new week and I hope you all had a great weekend and Easter!  It was great to be with family and friends.  With good food, conversation, and laughter we are able to reconnect, relax, and create more memories so important in this relatively short life that we live.  And with the beautiful weather that we are experiencing this past weekend, what a great way to see April as it starts to turn into May!  I see buds appearing on the trees slowly, very slowly.

On to knitting, I finished the black and white scarf that I was working on.  Its big, bulky and warm! It will be great later this year, when the winter comes back – not that I want to rush it or anything!  I would really like a nice long spring that changes slowly into a summer with bright sunny days.



So, I have a request for a spring/summer weight scarf for someone.  This would be something that they could wear out to a special meeting or maybe just with jeans on a Saturday out and about with friends.  I went looking in the recent Vogue Knitting Magazine for  Spring/Summer 2014.  I know one idea is another scarf, but what better way to add to your outfit, it’s just a necessary accessory to almost every outfit!  So, the first one that I really think is pretty is called “Wave Lace” done in a soft, what they call, “Creme de Menthe”!  It’s so soft and has that lacy look.




I also was thinking about the idea of a great tunic to wear with your white pants this summer. The overall pattern illustrates a wing-type of lace pattern.  It is on the long side and really demonstrates a streamline silhouette . This tunic is available to knit in plus sizes also.


Whichever you pick as your next knitting project, think light weight, lacy, in soft jewel-tone tones.

Happy knitting,



Today, we reached almost 70 degrees, what a change in what seems like a short time!  I know we all have been wanting better weather and now it is here!  Many of you are on spring break, traveling to someplace warmer and just anxious to get away from home for awhile.  Well, if you are, I hope you enjoy yourselves. I on the other hand, am happy to be working this week in my new job! 🙂 I know I will be working on the yard and getting it in shape for the summer ahead.

So, I started playing around with this really super bulky  (6) yarn in black and white mix.  It ‘s from Lion Brand called Wool-Ease.  I’m knitting it in a moss stitch so that it’s nice and thick and warm, when the time comes to be kept warm again!  Anyway, while knitting it, it forms stripes that look kinda fun!



With Easter next weekend, I thought I would try one of the many “knitted critters” that are out there.  They are so cute and lots of fun to make. Remember this really cute bunny rabbit from Susan B. Anderson? It just doesn’t have to be for the new bundles of joy you might be thinking of – during this time of year – everyone would love to have one!



I also found this little guy in, Simply Baby pattern book, by Debbie Bliss, on Ravelry. that I would like to put in my knitting bucket list! It’s the best little bear pattern that I have found done primarily in a garter stitch.  Check out his little nose. So, sweet!




Happy Easter, happy knitting,





Friday Finds!

The weekend is almost here and we can continue to think about spring!  I love to see the snow gone and maybe we will soon see flowers blooming, after a long, cold, cold, winter.  Get out there and do some outside activities, I know I am, with puppy, of course!



I found this really fun sweater pattern for the spring weather on Pinterest. It’s done in a neutral color and looks great with the white t-shirt underneath.  I like the bulky look of it, yet with the short sleeves, it’s not heavy.  I am going to check out it, why don’t you do too.   Enjoy your weekend!

Happy knitting,


Happy Monday!

Hello All!  This past weekend has been just beautiful here.  For a nice change, it was sunny, you could feel the warmth of the sun and it was a little windy, but I saw people walking along the neighborhood, yard cleanup, and overall, just happier people!  Of course, puppy and I were out and about for our daily walk.  He starts to literally freak out if I reach for that pair of sneakers or open the closet door where I keep the bags for you-know-what!  All in all, we are both so happy to be out in the sunshine.  Here he is trying to wait very patiently and I actually think he’s doing a very good job, (this time)!



Anyway, after our walk, I cooked up some chicken cutlets for my salads this week.  Since they looked so good, I had to have a couple for dinner.  I think I have been making these cutlets for as long as I can remember.  My kids have always liked them and you can change up the recipe by making chicken parmesan with pasta or just by making a vegetable or salad to go with it. My son likes to use ranch dressing to dip them into.  Either way, I have been making them the same way my mom has been making them forever! And I do mean forever! Don’t they look so good!



Ok, so I really should get to the knitting.  I went yesterday to my new favorite knitting store in the area, Trumpet Hill, and had a look around at all the beautiful yarn.  This is like having writers block – I can’t decide what to knit next.  I have a couple of projects to finish, but they are not moving me at this time!  I did sign up for this knitting class in May that I will tell you all about later, but  I am excited to learn a new technique and have a wonderful cowl in the end.  With the weather changing, I feel like my knitting should be changing along with it?  I don’t know – call me crazy!

I was looking through Pinterest and came across this really cute idea for teaching a child how to knit.  The book tells a little rhyme to go along with knitting.  It’s called, A Child’s Seasonal Treasury, by Betty M. Jones, and it goes like this:

in through the front door

running round the back

peeping through the window

off comes jack!

How cute is that!  When my grandmother taught me how to knit, I don’t remember any rhyme, but what a great way to get started.  Someday, maybe I’ve be able to use it.  Too cute!

Happy Knitting,


Happy Friday!




Hi all!  This is no time for laying around!  I have been doing a lot of reading for my blog and will be showing you my new knitting projects soon.  Have a great weekend!

Happy knitting,


Welcome April!

I don’t know about you, but I am so glad that March as moved on!  I hope that means that that crazy winter weather has marched away too!  We are looking at 50ish degrees or so, all this week and it’s going to feel awesome!  That means that we can start thinking about some of those lighter weight knitting projects. You know, those airy, lacy patterns that look great with our summer cremes, whites and pastels. And that brings me to my usual problem, what to start next.  I see so many great projects to knit, I have that difficult decision.

I did work on a couple of already started projects, including, another baby hat. I thought it would be fun to work it in a muilt-colored yarn in different shades of blue.  I didn’t knot the top and I think it looks kinda cute.  Take a look!



Remember that beautiful shug that I featured awhile ago from debbie bliss? Well I am finally at the point of attaching those long, lovely, colorful fringes.  Can’t wait to wear this out.



Stay tune for the next new project!

Happy Knitting,