Welcome April!

I don’t know about you, but I am so glad that March as moved on!  I hope that means that that crazy winter weather has marched away too!  We are looking at 50ish degrees or so, all this week and it’s going to feel awesome!  That means that we can start thinking about some of those lighter weight knitting projects. You know, those airy, lacy patterns that look great with our summer cremes, whites and pastels. And that brings me to my usual problem, what to start next.  I see so many great projects to knit, I have that difficult decision.

I did work on a couple of already started projects, including, another baby hat. I thought it would be fun to work it in a muilt-colored yarn in different shades of blue.  I didn’t knot the top and I think it looks kinda cute.  Take a look!



Remember that beautiful shug that I featured awhile ago from debbie bliss? Well I am finally at the point of attaching those long, lovely, colorful fringes.  Can’t wait to wear this out.



Stay tune for the next new project!

Happy Knitting,



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