Happy Monday!

Hello All!  This past weekend has been just beautiful here.  For a nice change, it was sunny, you could feel the warmth of the sun and it was a little windy, but I saw people walking along the neighborhood, yard cleanup, and overall, just happier people!  Of course, puppy and I were out and about for our daily walk.  He starts to literally freak out if I reach for that pair of sneakers or open the closet door where I keep the bags for you-know-what!  All in all, we are both so happy to be out in the sunshine.  Here he is trying to wait very patiently and I actually think he’s doing a very good job, (this time)!



Anyway, after our walk, I cooked up some chicken cutlets for my salads this week.  Since they looked so good, I had to have a couple for dinner.  I think I have been making these cutlets for as long as I can remember.  My kids have always liked them and you can change up the recipe by making chicken parmesan with pasta or just by making a vegetable or salad to go with it. My son likes to use ranch dressing to dip them into.  Either way, I have been making them the same way my mom has been making them forever! And I do mean forever! Don’t they look so good!



Ok, so I really should get to the knitting.  I went yesterday to my new favorite knitting store in the area, Trumpet Hill, and had a look around at all the beautiful yarn.  This is like having writers block – I can’t decide what to knit next.  I have a couple of projects to finish, but they are not moving me at this time!  I did sign up for this knitting class in May that I will tell you all about later, but  I am excited to learn a new technique and have a wonderful cowl in the end.  With the weather changing, I feel like my knitting should be changing along with it?  I don’t know – call me crazy!

I was looking through Pinterest and came across this really cute idea for teaching a child how to knit.  The book tells a little rhyme to go along with knitting.  It’s called, A Child’s Seasonal Treasury, by Betty M. Jones, and it goes like this:

in through the front door

running round the back

peeping through the window

off comes jack!

How cute is that!  When my grandmother taught me how to knit, I don’t remember any rhyme, but what a great way to get started.  Someday, maybe I’ve be able to use it.  Too cute!

Happy Knitting,



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