Today, we reached almost 70 degrees, what a change in what seems like a short time!  I know we all have been wanting better weather and now it is here!  Many of you are on spring break, traveling to someplace warmer and just anxious to get away from home for awhile.  Well, if you are, I hope you enjoy yourselves. I on the other hand, am happy to be working this week in my new job! 🙂 I know I will be working on the yard and getting it in shape for the summer ahead.

So, I started playing around with this really super bulky  (6) yarn in black and white mix.  It ‘s from Lion Brand called Wool-Ease.  I’m knitting it in a moss stitch so that it’s nice and thick and warm, when the time comes to be kept warm again!  Anyway, while knitting it, it forms stripes that look kinda fun!



With Easter next weekend, I thought I would try one of the many “knitted critters” that are out there.  They are so cute and lots of fun to make. Remember this really cute bunny rabbit from Susan B. Anderson? It just doesn’t have to be for the new bundles of joy you might be thinking of – during this time of year – everyone would love to have one!



I also found this little guy in, Simply Baby pattern book, by Debbie Bliss, on Ravelry. that I would like to put in my knitting bucket list! It’s the best little bear pattern that I have found done primarily in a garter stitch.  Check out his little nose. So, sweet!




Happy Easter, happy knitting,






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