Happy Tuesday!

Well, welcome to a new week and I hope you all had a great weekend and Easter!  It was great to be with family and friends.  With good food, conversation, and laughter we are able to reconnect, relax, and create more memories so important in this relatively short life that we live.  And with the beautiful weather that we are experiencing this past weekend, what a great way to see April as it starts to turn into May!  I see buds appearing on the trees slowly, very slowly.

On to knitting, I finished the black and white scarf that I was working on.  Its big, bulky and warm! It will be great later this year, when the winter comes back – not that I want to rush it or anything!  I would really like a nice long spring that changes slowly into a summer with bright sunny days.



So, I have a request for a spring/summer weight scarf for someone.  This would be something that they could wear out to a special meeting or maybe just with jeans on a Saturday out and about with friends.  I went looking in the recent Vogue Knitting Magazine for  Spring/Summer 2014.  I know one idea is another scarf, but what better way to add to your outfit, it’s just a necessary accessory to almost every outfit!  So, the first one that I really think is pretty is called “Wave Lace” done in a soft, what they call, “Creme de Menthe”!  It’s so soft and has that lacy look.




I also was thinking about the idea of a great tunic to wear with your white pants this summer. The overall pattern illustrates a wing-type of lace pattern.  It is on the long side and really demonstrates a streamline silhouette . This tunic is available to knit in plus sizes also.


Whichever you pick as your next knitting project, think light weight, lacy, in soft jewel-tone tones.

Happy knitting,



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