Where did spring go?

Hi and where did spring go?  I have to say its kinda cold out there!  There isn’t any sun and it’s kinda damp too.  I know that my lawn and plants are starting to grow and I’m really glad, just wish we could see the sun a little more!  Take a look at the blossoms on my tree!  I love spring time.  The grass is getting greener and there are spouts all around!   I also thought about getting flower boxes put under my windows in the front of the house so that I can see more beautiful, colorful growing things.


Talking about growing things, did I show you my indoor Christmas cactus plant?  I am so proud of it!  Haha, probably sounds silly to some, but this plant really has only bloomed two times a year and one of those times is, of course, near Christmas time.  So, I am going to look into transplanting it into a bigger pot soon, but I definitely want to do it the right way so that I don’t traumatize it. I feel like a new mom!  Any guidance you can give me on that would be much appreciated!





So, on to the knitting.  I very excited to be taking a short knitting class this week from my friendly knitting store, Trumpet Hill, on “Ridged Moebius” , a technique that I have not used as yet. I will be using 400 yards of finger weight yarn with size 4 or 5 needles. I will be making a cowl and hope to give it as a gift.  I selected the yarn already in neutrals or black, creme, and browns. Here is a picture from Trumpet Hill of their demo.  Make sure to check out Trumpet Hill’s website and class schedules!  When I complete mine, I will be sure to show off some pictures.



Things are moving right along with my socks that I started.  I’m having fun making them, whomever they end up with.  The stripes are kinda interesting.They remind me of a twist on a man’s traditional-type of sock.  Here it is so far!



Happy knitting,



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