Friday Finds!

Happy Friday!

So, I’m very excited to tell you all above my new learning experience.  I went to my favorite knitting store, Trumpet Hill, and took a class on Ridged Moebius to make a cowl. Ever heard of it? (me neither) and I’ve been knitting for a long time.  Anyway, it is very interesting.  You knit with a circular needle (size 4 or 5-I decided on size 5) that is 40″ long and you are actually knitting in the round that starts with 200 stitches.


This is their finished product, isn’t it beautiful!  I am using the same yarn, “Schoppel, Zauberball” which is made in Germany. It is made up of virgin wool, 25%, nylon 75%, schurwalle (super wash) 75%.  The colors that I’m using are in black, tan, and gray.


Here is mine, so far! Haha!



Happy Mother’s Day!



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