I just love looking the green grass, and watching to see the plants growing and sprouting through the ground.  I am so glad that I live where there are 4 seasons to enjoy.  I don’t think I would want it any other way!

Here we are, May 13th and the weather is proving to be warm and beautiful.  I hope you all got to spend some time with your Mom on Mother’s Day!  Daughter and I went for a long ride to spend the day with my Mom and family.  We really had a great time.  lots of laughter and conversation, just like it should be with family.  We spent more time in the car than with family – but that’s what family is all about.  Puppy looks tired – don’t know why – he stays home!


I working hard on the Ridged Moebius, though it has been tough to get in the knitting time.  I am really interested in seeing how this continues to work out.  I have been a little concerned about how the ridges are going to look with this yarn.  This is what I have so far, (which isn’t much) but as you can see the ridges look like they pop right out at you !   I know during the class the instructor, Carolyn,  from Trumpet Hill Knitting store, said to knit the same amount of rows and do the same with the purl rows.  I can’t wait to sit down, maybe tomorrow after work, and get more done to show you next week.



Happy knitting,




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