Happy Friday!

The weekend is finally here! Let’s hope that the rain of today goes away and we find some sunny breaks along the way.  I am still seeing a lot  of growth and soon we will have pictures of flowers mixed in with all the greens.


I am so proud on my perennials.  Each year they grow bigger and more beautiful and the best part, I really don’t have to do anything to make them look this way.  Just remember to plant them in the right spot, and nature does the rest.



Recently, I worked in a small class  at Trumpet Hill to review how to make short rows in knitting.  Short rows are used often in many different patterns.  You can use them to create more “room” in your piece.  I have seen it work very well in making socks and looks beautiful in shawl patterns. Once you get the hang of it – it works very easily and finishes nicely.  We went over several different kinds, such as; how to wrap and turn, turn, yarn over, German Short rows and  my  favorite was the Japanese Short Rows.  Japanese Short Rows use stitch markers and you can look at this YouTube video to learn more.

Enjoy the weekend,



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