Weekend Fun!

We were able to fit in a mini-hike this weekend with daughter and unexpectedly son, and puppy of course.  It was a cloudy, breezy day, actually one that I have come to realize I do enjoy.  It makes me feel the breeze and see the trees move – its makes me feel alive and I can’t help but appreciate the day!  Anyway, we went to a place called Peebles Island, which sits between the Hudson and Mohawk Rivers. There’s a trail (actually a couple) around the island overlooking the two waterways.  It was mostly a shaded path with evidence of animal life, and the outlook beyond gave you cliffs overlooking the fast moving water.  Here are some pictures that I hope you enjoy.


The water was brown-looking and moving very fast after the two or three days of rain from last week.



Unfortunately, you can’t see them, but we noticed a large group of Herons standing in the water waiting to catch fish!  Seems surprising to me – but we saw it with our own six eyes!  When a couple of them flew to what they through was a better area, their wing span seemed a couple of feet wide.  An extra treat during our day.


We then came across this little critter – he was sitting pretty for me and didn’t seem to mind us walking by, even with the puppy!  So, thanks for the great pose – anyone know what it is?  Please let me know.



This picture is one of my favorites.  The trail is mostly covered with trees and the grass along the sides is long and sweeping.  It felt so good walking down that path with my special ones, daughter, son, and puppy too!

Happy living,



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