Happy Friday!

The end of the week is here and your weekend plans can begin shortly!  The sky is already blue and the breeze is cool.  The kinda day I like to wake up too.  With all the hiking and family time, my knitting has gone by the waist side.  I love to knit and make beautiful things, but when you work all day and have sunny skies to go out and play in – it’s hard to get as much done.


This morning, it nice and quiet – no work today – and it’s wonderful to sit, drink my coffee out of my new favorite mug and talk to you!  Here’s a picture of my mug.  I just love the muted colors and feminine feel to it, but also like that it’s big and bold.



So, just to keep you updated, I am still working on my Ridged Moebius Cowl and I am actually not sure about how I feel it is coming out, but I will continue and make a decision later on.  I have not touched 😦 my Foolproof Scarf for a while.  I should be able to work on both this weekend.

I do have a new interest in making some baby items, you know, something light and soft, colors other than black and tan, and something cute and fun to make!  I could add these items to my reserve and I know of  a couple of babies on the way that might enjoy a little something!  I have so many patterns floating around that I just need to sit down and look at them and decide.

Happy life, happy knitting,




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