Good-bye July!

Can you believe it, the month of July is just about over?!  This month, as they say, has flown by. Summer is in full swing!

I have finished one of the baby girl hats that I need to make.  It was great fun making those flowers.  I decided to make three little flowers instead of the two suggested in the pattern.  There is something about an odd number that makes things look that much better.  Remember the pattern is from Fiber Flux and can be found here. I think I might change the colors on the next one, just not sure what that will be yet.


I am always trying to be healthy – I made this awesome breakfast frittata for the week on Sunday. I figured if I had some of my veggies first thing in the morning, along with some eggs for protein that it would be a great way to start the day!  I chopped up tomatoes, onions, a little bit of broccoli and a tiny bit of cheese and baked it all together.  It was really, really, good.




Happy knitting,









Friday Finds!

So, remember when I went on that fun-filled road trip to Boston and I stopped in at the Bead + Fiber yarn store?  I wanted to show you a more up close look at one of the yarns that I bought!  My most exciting purchase was this beautiful 86% mohair and 14% nylon yarn.  The colors remind me of fall leaves.  I see muted reds, oranges, light rust and a small amount of pale greens with hints of gold too!  The yarn is by Persimmon Tree Farm and it is called Potluck Yarn and its approximately 1000 yards of beauty!   It looks good on my new celery green corner chair!



Not sure what I’m going to make at this point and I could make a few things depending on the yardage of the projects.  Let me know if you have an ideas for me.  More about my purchases next time!

Happy knitting,


Road Trip!

The best time was had by all on my road trip to Boston last weekend!  It was so much fun!  We, of course, not to break tradition, got a little bit lost on the way in, but according to best friend, this has happened before.  We were met by best friend’s daughter (who lives there) and son and son’s girlfriend.  There are so many things to see in Boston and so many different areas – but what we did see was awesome!  So, one of the major means of transportation in Boston is called the T.  I don’t know how it got that name – but it was fast, fairly friendly, and able to get you wherever you wanted to go.  Thanks to best friends’ daughter who knows her way around Boston like the back of her hand, (seriously!) We all just followed along like baby ducks following their mama.  I have to say though we walked and walked too.  According to that wrist thing (kinda like it-tells you how many steps, what kind of sleep you had, all sorts of interesting things) we clocked in almost 9 miles of sightseeing on Saturday alone! It was great! photo-30   Son and girlfriend enjoyed a Soxs game on Friday night and then on Saturday we went to the Samuel Adams Brewery, which was kinda fun, learned about how beer was made and even got to taste test a few different kinds.  My taste testing glass was a freebie too!   photo-33 No trip would be complete without going to the Farmers Market on Sunday and stopping by a local knitting store.   We found the Fiber + Bead store on Harrison Ave. It’s a really tiny shop filled with all sorts of great yarns and more!  Here is my bag of goodies!  More on what I purchased later. Can’t wait to decide what to make next! photo-34 Stay tuned for more on my adventures in Boston!

Happy Knitting, Nancy  


Today’s Friday Finds, will be short and sweet since me and best friend are on our way to a weekend in Boston, which includes seeing my son!  Really excited about both since I believe the last time I was in Boston was for a 5th or 6th grade school trip with son.  All I remember is a very noisy bus, a headache, and time spend with son lol, I did the same trip two years before with daughter.  This time there is an itinerary knowing best friend and very minute will be well spent!  I will be catching up with son and girlfriend probably tonight.  So, more about my weekend later.   Oh, but I promised to let you know about that new book I have been reading.  It’s by the same author as The Book Thief, Markus Zusak, and it’s called, I am the Messenger.  You can find the book here. So far, it so different than the other book and it’s has a humous side as well.  I am about half way through and I still have a lot of unanswered questions.  I let you know what I think next time! photo-28   Happy weekend, happy knitting, Nancy

One Baby Hat!

It’s been a very productive weekend for me and I hope the same for you!  I had that extra day off and what a difference it makes.  You get a day to clean and wash and a day to do whatever! That doesn’t even include going out with friends.  I got some reading done (more about my next book later) and I started and finished (oh, how good that feels) that baby hat!  It is just one part of a gift and I plan on making a little knitted flower to add to the hat, if it’s a girl.  Can’t wait to start the flowers-just in case. photo-23   This, of course, is a picture when I was well on my way. photo-26   And, here is it completed without the flower.  You can find this really easy pattern here with the flower attached.  I really hope it’s a happy and healthy little girl so I can make those flowers!   photo-25     photo-27 Puppy is feeling better, thought sometimes I think he is still limping ever so slightly.  We went for an early morning walk and it was really breezy before the rain came in this afternoon.  I like to look at all the growth in the plants and flowers along the way.  I took these couple of pictures of some on my favorites.  I really like Beach Grass, it looks so nice standing tall, just blowing in the wind.  I believe these flowers are called Morning Glories, they are  purple  with white along the inside and are just about covering the entire mailbox.  We enjoyed our walk – unfortunately, we do walk where it used to be woods and now they are building houses, houses, and more houses. They are so close to each other – it’s just terrible!  Someone is going to pay top dollar and live 6 feet from another house,  Really?  I like my woods and lack of immediate neighbors.  My neighbors happen to be the bunny rabbits, deer, once in awhile a red fox and sometimes a smelly skunk!  But I guess you have to take the good with the sometimes bad.

Happy knitting, Nancy    

Friday Finds!

Puppy is feeling better and ready for his and my walks again.  A couple of days resting and relaxing seems to have taken care of his soreness.  The weather is nice and sunny and the day is mine!





So, that baby hat that I really need to start – will be started today – after I get rid of the pounding headache!  Here is the yarn that I will be using.  It’s called Weekend, by Berroco and I think I bought it when a local knitting store that I really like closed up shop. (I hate when that happens!) You can probably go to the Berroco website, here  and find the same type of yarn.  The color is a very soft white and it is made from 25% Peruvian Cotton and 75% Acrylic.  I like working with this yarn because it is machine washable – though to be on the safe side – I would still hand wash and lay flat to dry.  It should knit up nicely and look great on the new little one!




Happy knitting,



Moving through July!

I hope you all enjoyed your Fourth of July!  The weather here was mostly beautiful, but if you lived along the east coast, there was a chance that you got some of Storm Arthur!  I know that the rain that we received is really helping my plants around the yard.  Just look at my recent pictures! photo-15   photo-16 I remember when my daughter and son gave that plant to me in a 5″or 6″ pot and we planted it near the mailbox.  Each year they grow bigger and bigger.  I think they are the Puff-Ball Hydrangea.  They get plenty of sun near the mailbox and I know I don’t really have to water them – the rain takes care of that for me.  Soon, they will be pure, soft, white and as large as can be! Puppy is feeling under the weather today.  He woke up when I got up this morning, limping away.  I think it must have been the rabbit he was chasing!  Seriously, does he know that he’s getting up there in age?  I called the vet and I’m able to give him half of a little white pill from the last time he hurt his back, overdoing it.  He’s such a guy!  Anyway, hopefully, since we are now having a thunderstorm he will lie around and take it easy.  Poor puppy, I hope he feels better soon.  It’s hard to watch your puppy that is perpetual motion – not want to move much! 100_0650 Finally, I need to work on another baby hat request!  It will be like this one, only I am going to make it in a neutral color since we are not sure whether the baby will be a girl or boy.  Actually, I really like knitting baby things in neutral colors like beige and light grays.  They have a freshness to them and are unique without giving any hints!   photo-18   Happy knitting, Nancy  

Happy Fourth of July!

  photo-69 This is the holiday that we remember our independence and how lucky we are to be free. It’s a time to reflect and be with family, friends, and enjoy some traditional fireworks!!   photo-85 I have to tell you that I have finished the book, The Book Thief, by Markus Zusak, which makes me think about today.  You can find it here.  Since the story is set in Nazi Germany, little Liesel and her family and friends are anything but free.  Liesel and her family live in fear and yet find it in their hearts to help others.  You must read this interesting book told from a very unique perspective. Enjoy your day! Nancy

Here comes July!

The Fourth is going to be here in another couple of days!  Time to watch the fireworks and enjoy!  Here are some pictures I took last year while we were out and about.  The colors are so bright and pretty against the darkness of the night!




So, puppy got one of those new toys, a Kong Classic, you can put treats in them and the puppy spends a lot of time trying to get the treats out of the small whole at one end.  It says you can also put peanut butter in it and freeze the whole thing and, well you get the idea, puppy is busy, busy and happy at the same time!  It was really hard for puppy to sit for his picture when he knew what I put in his Kong!


I am happy to say that the Ridged Moebius Cowl is just about completed. I’ve been so ready to complete the cowl and bind off so that I can see what it will really look like when its off the circular needles.   Here’s how it looks now!


Happy knitting and Happy Fourth of July!,