Here comes July!

The Fourth is going to be here in another couple of days!  Time to watch the fireworks and enjoy!  Here are some pictures I took last year while we were out and about.  The colors are so bright and pretty against the darkness of the night!




So, puppy got one of those new toys, a Kong Classic, you can put treats in them and the puppy spends a lot of time trying to get the treats out of the small whole at one end.  It says you can also put peanut butter in it and freeze the whole thing and, well you get the idea, puppy is busy, busy and happy at the same time!  It was really hard for puppy to sit for his picture when he knew what I put in his Kong!


I am happy to say that the Ridged Moebius Cowl is just about completed. I’ve been so ready to complete the cowl and bind off so that I can see what it will really look like when its off the circular needles.   Here’s how it looks now!


Happy knitting and Happy Fourth of July!,



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