Moving through July!

I hope you all enjoyed your Fourth of July!  The weather here was mostly beautiful, but if you lived along the east coast, there was a chance that you got some of Storm Arthur!  I know that the rain that we received is really helping my plants around the yard.  Just look at my recent pictures! photo-15   photo-16 I remember when my daughter and son gave that plant to me in a 5″or 6″ pot and we planted it near the mailbox.  Each year they grow bigger and bigger.  I think they are the Puff-Ball Hydrangea.  They get plenty of sun near the mailbox and I know I don’t really have to water them – the rain takes care of that for me.  Soon, they will be pure, soft, white and as large as can be! Puppy is feeling under the weather today.  He woke up when I got up this morning, limping away.  I think it must have been the rabbit he was chasing!  Seriously, does he know that he’s getting up there in age?  I called the vet and I’m able to give him half of a little white pill from the last time he hurt his back, overdoing it.  He’s such a guy!  Anyway, hopefully, since we are now having a thunderstorm he will lie around and take it easy.  Poor puppy, I hope he feels better soon.  It’s hard to watch your puppy that is perpetual motion – not want to move much! 100_0650 Finally, I need to work on another baby hat request!  It will be like this one, only I am going to make it in a neutral color since we are not sure whether the baby will be a girl or boy.  Actually, I really like knitting baby things in neutral colors like beige and light grays.  They have a freshness to them and are unique without giving any hints!   photo-18   Happy knitting, Nancy  


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