Friday Finds!

Puppy is feeling better and ready for his and my walks again.  A couple of days resting and relaxing seems to have taken care of his soreness.  The weather is nice and sunny and the day is mine!





So, that baby hat that I really need to start – will be started today – after I get rid of the pounding headache!  Here is the yarn that I will be using.  It’s called Weekend, by Berroco and I think I bought it when a local knitting store that I really like closed up shop. (I hate when that happens!) You can probably go to the Berroco website, here  and find the same type of yarn.  The color is a very soft white and it is made from 25% Peruvian Cotton and 75% Acrylic.  I like working with this yarn because it is machine washable – though to be on the safe side – I would still hand wash and lay flat to dry.  It should knit up nicely and look great on the new little one!




Happy knitting,




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