One Baby Hat!

It’s been a very productive weekend for me and I hope the same for you!  I had that extra day off and what a difference it makes.  You get a day to clean and wash and a day to do whatever! That doesn’t even include going out with friends.  I got some reading done (more about my next book later) and I started and finished (oh, how good that feels) that baby hat!  It is just one part of a gift and I plan on making a little knitted flower to add to the hat, if it’s a girl.  Can’t wait to start the flowers-just in case. photo-23   This, of course, is a picture when I was well on my way. photo-26   And, here is it completed without the flower.  You can find this really easy pattern here with the flower attached.  I really hope it’s a happy and healthy little girl so I can make those flowers!   photo-25     photo-27 Puppy is feeling better, thought sometimes I think he is still limping ever so slightly.  We went for an early morning walk and it was really breezy before the rain came in this afternoon.  I like to look at all the growth in the plants and flowers along the way.  I took these couple of pictures of some on my favorites.  I really like Beach Grass, it looks so nice standing tall, just blowing in the wind.  I believe these flowers are called Morning Glories, they are  purple  with white along the inside and are just about covering the entire mailbox.  We enjoyed our walk – unfortunately, we do walk where it used to be woods and now they are building houses, houses, and more houses. They are so close to each other – it’s just terrible!  Someone is going to pay top dollar and live 6 feet from another house,  Really?  I like my woods and lack of immediate neighbors.  My neighbors happen to be the bunny rabbits, deer, once in awhile a red fox and sometimes a smelly skunk!  But I guess you have to take the good with the sometimes bad.

Happy knitting, Nancy    


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