Road Trip!

The best time was had by all on my road trip to Boston last weekend!  It was so much fun!  We, of course, not to break tradition, got a little bit lost on the way in, but according to best friend, this has happened before.  We were met by best friend’s daughter (who lives there) and son and son’s girlfriend.  There are so many things to see in Boston and so many different areas – but what we did see was awesome!  So, one of the major means of transportation in Boston is called the T.  I don’t know how it got that name – but it was fast, fairly friendly, and able to get you wherever you wanted to go.  Thanks to best friends’ daughter who knows her way around Boston like the back of her hand, (seriously!) We all just followed along like baby ducks following their mama.  I have to say though we walked and walked too.  According to that wrist thing (kinda like it-tells you how many steps, what kind of sleep you had, all sorts of interesting things) we clocked in almost 9 miles of sightseeing on Saturday alone! It was great! photo-30   Son and girlfriend enjoyed a Soxs game on Friday night and then on Saturday we went to the Samuel Adams Brewery, which was kinda fun, learned about how beer was made and even got to taste test a few different kinds.  My taste testing glass was a freebie too!   photo-33 No trip would be complete without going to the Farmers Market on Sunday and stopping by a local knitting store.   We found the Fiber + Bead store on Harrison Ave. It’s a really tiny shop filled with all sorts of great yarns and more!  Here is my bag of goodies!  More on what I purchased later. Can’t wait to decide what to make next! photo-34 Stay tuned for more on my adventures in Boston!

Happy Knitting, Nancy  


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