Good-bye July!

Can you believe it, the month of July is just about over?!  This month, as they say, has flown by. Summer is in full swing!

I have finished one of the baby girl hats that I need to make.  It was great fun making those flowers.  I decided to make three little flowers instead of the two suggested in the pattern.  There is something about an odd number that makes things look that much better.  Remember the pattern is from Fiber Flux and can be found here. I think I might change the colors on the next one, just not sure what that will be yet.


I am always trying to be healthy – I made this awesome breakfast frittata for the week on Sunday. I figured if I had some of my veggies first thing in the morning, along with some eggs for protein that it would be a great way to start the day!  I chopped up tomatoes, onions, a little bit of broccoli and a tiny bit of cheese and baked it all together.  It was really, really, good.




Happy knitting,









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