So, I’ve looked at a couple good-byes this weekend, as I am sure many have.  It’s near the end of August, which means summer is almost over.  Good-bye to son (for now), who is off again to complete his work in New Hampshire.  Why are good-byes so hard!  Parents and families all over are saying good-bye to family, summer-fun, and summer weather!  We have had a great time with family and friends.  So many memories, so much to be thankful for!  Time to move on to what September will bring and I am ready!


I went on a road trip on Friday last week and what an experience.  Best girlfriend and I went to the Corning Museum to complete a glassblowing class.  Now, I can’t give away too many details, since it’s going to be a gift, but what an interesting place.  The many demonstrations were all conducted by very talented, young, college age people.  The Museum does a very good job of giving all age groups interesting, short, and pointed informational demos.  One of my favorite was the fiber optics that introduced us to the use of very fine glass wiring, at least that’s what it looked like to me, and talking about how it will someday soon be replacing copper wiring.  It was said that the tiny glass wire could hold so much more information, such as phone calls and technology, than we could ever image!  The following are some pictures that I took along the way!




Glass blow holiday ornaments!


In this picture, she is actually pouring very hot glass to complete another part of her creation!



This “tree” of glass stands about 8 feet tall and is so impressive!  It is a must see!



The exhibits were unbelievable. Such a wide range of styles, sizes, and artisans.   Awesome!


The scarf, you know, the 2 row reversible, is coming along nicely.  I am well into the second skein of yarn and will show pictures next time.  I have also started to knit a new pair of socks.  This pattern is an easy, easy way to go.  It is k2,p2 ribbing all the way till you get to the toe decreases!  I’m working it in a various shades of blue.  Here is a early picture of my new project!



Happy travels, happy knitting,



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