September is here!

Hope everyone had a great Labor Day weekend.  For the most part, my weekend was busy and fun, especially  since I was finishing up celebrating my birthday of last week!  Thanks to all the well wishes and to family and friends, too!  For most of us, it is back to work, schools are starting, and teachers are scrambling!  It’s been really hot and humid, so we are not thinking of fall yet.  Please tell my trees, cause their leaves are definitely falling all over my green grass!  I do think autumn is beautiful, I would just like it to wait a little while longer!


Puppy and I spend some time on the front steps since I still have my ankle wrapped and am not supposed to be walking him.  Thanks to my helper who has been coming by and walking puppy every couple of days.  It keeps him in check and not driving me crazy when he looks at me and seems to say, “what’s the deal – time to take me for a walk”!  He is such a funny dog!


Here he is before his trip to the groomers.  I love the way he looks, but it’s a lot of care and he has now bumped twice into the door on the way into the house, so I think those cute bangs have to go!

My pumpkin 2 row reservable scarf is completed and ready for the upcoming fall weather!  According to the new Vogue Knitting magazine a “must have for fall is a statement scarf!”


Make this your statement scarf this fall!




Happy Knitting,






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