Old Sturbridge Village, Massachusetts!

Even though Saturday for us was raining, damp, and very cloudy, special person and  I went for a ride.  I just couldn’t stand sitting and icing my aching ankle any longer!  So, off we went for a ride in the rain!  Getting to the Old Sturbridge  Village was an easy trip – almost a straight shot in the eastern direction.  My main interest for going there was that they were scheduled to reenact the spinning of the  wool, dying the yarn, and they sell it in their gift shop.  During that time the locals used black walnuts and sage to dye the yarns.  It was really fun to watch the women demonstrate how the women of the 1800’s used to work so hard each and every day in all aspects of life, especially the making of their own yarn to knit items for themselves and family.  For them it was a necessity! Enjoy my pictures!









I have to say a big, thank you, to Carol in the Village gift shop who helped me and shared knitting stories.  It always fun to find another knitter and share ideas.  I know her gift she is making for a grandchild will be beautiful!  Carol, send me a picture and I will feature it in one of my upcoming blogs!  Thanks again!

Happy knitting,



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