Autumn welcome!

With the third week of September here, it’s officially Autumn, as of 10:29pm EST Monday evening.  I think its time to start looking at knitting those holiday gifts that might be on your list.  I had to show off some beautiful fall pictures first- the colors are just unbelievable!



So, off I went to my favorite local knitting store, Trumpet Hill, to look for some fun finger yarn to make a new pair of socks for someone?  I found this great yarn by Berroco Sox that is a super wash wool and nylon.  The colors in the yarn are so awesome!  there is blues, greens, pinks, even yellows and oranges.  I can’t wait to see how the yarn works in the k2p2 to ribbing pattern that I have mentioned before from Simple Sock Knitting Pattern.  This pattern is one of the easiest patterns, the ribbing continues until you start to decrease for the two area!  Can’t wait to move this knitting project along!


My socks are beginning with pinks and blues – looking good to me!


Start thinking about your knitting projects.

Happy knitting,



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