Sunday in Saratoga!

The day was definitely cool, breezy, and beautiful.  A great afternoon to check out the Saratoga downtown and surrounding areas.  Special person and I walked along Broadway and I couldn’t resist taking some pictures of the beautiful buildings.





Here is a Horse Saratoga Style, just one of many that were created in  2002 and were intended to display different times of the past or to be just a decorative expression.  As you walk along Broadway they are all unique.  I believe the artists were fairly local and the local businesses helped support the idea. It’s kind of special to the area and really beautiful to look at.


We also stopped by the Saratoga Farmers Market and saws lots of great veggies, and homemade items.  I was especially excited  to see Alpacas of Haven Hill which is in Greenwich, NY.  I spoke with one of the owners (sorry, not sure if it was Judy Leon or Kim Atkins!) about their great place.  You have to check out their website and see all the alpacas and beautiful bouquets of fresh flowers, veggies, hand spun yarn and handmade knitted gloves, mittens, and scarfs.  All made from those cute alpacas on their farm.  Like many other customers, it was suggested that I could come visit, call first, and get a tour around the place!  Something I intend on doing real soon!

Happy knitting,



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