Class Time!

You can tell that it’s getting to be the beginning of the holiday season, because my Christmas Cactus is blooming!  I just love the colors and the uniqueness of this plant.  Just a little water and sun and it seems to be happy in that spot.



I thought before the Holiday cooking starts, I would show you what I have been working on.  I have been asked to teach a beginners knitting class and am deciding on how best to approach the instruction.  I am going to start to teach the knit and purl stitch.  So, I started to make this pattern that I found here called, Easy Mistake Stitch Scarf.  It alternates the two stitches and becomes an interesting pattern which looks good on both sides and is really easy to follow.  I am using a bulky yarn from Loops & Threads called “Cozy Wool”.   I might suggest that we sew it together to make a cowl instead of a scarf just because this pattern looks so good close up around the neck.



Happy knitting and Happy Thanksgiving,



Friday Finds!

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and I thought I would show off some beautiful ways of bring the Holiday into your home.  The colors are so rich and rustic.  There is a simplicity to the season. A time to reflect and count your blessings.  A time to not sweat the small stuff and realize just how thankful you are…


A nice easy idea, it shows a touch of elegance.




This wreath looks beautiful welcoming you family and friends.



And, finally, with everyone around the table what better way to commit to writing you thankful thoughts!







Happy 1st Anniversary!

Well, I can’t believe it, but my njgdesigns blog has been posting for one year!  I have to say that I really enjoy “talking” about knitting, family, puppy, and all my adventures.  I want to thank those who have been following me and also anyone who has  purchased any of my knitted items.  To say my thanks, I am raffling off one of my knitted  scarfs – just make a comment and I will randomly pick an email address.  The deadline will be to comment by Thursday at midnight!  I will announce the winner in my posting next Tuesday.  Good Luck!




Today, we woke up to more soggy, wet, snow that just about covered the grass and made the street slushy and wet.  It was one of those days!  No long walks for puppy and me.



With the Holidays coming, it’s time to get to those unfinished projects – mostly me!  I will show some of my work next time.

I’m always looking for ways of improving my blog and making it more enjoyable, so if you have any ideas, I would love to hear about it!


Happy knitting,


Friday Finds!

Well, what I found when I woke up this morning was some white around the area!  So, though small and definitely not soft and fluffy, the first snow has fallen and lightly covered the trees, leaves (yes, I seem to forever have leaves!) and the trees.  It’s still mostly brown but if you look closely there are some pretty tiny showings of our next season to come.





So, on to my knitting.  I have this yarn, that if you remember, I bought while on a trip to Boston at the Bean + Fiber store.  It’s the Noro, World of Nature yarn called Obi.



I’m been trying to decide what to make and here are a couple of ideas.  With my two skeins of yarn, I can make “My Garter slipped” Scarf, which really shows off the various colors.  But, maybe I don’t want to make another scarf, so I looked further and I found these great looking hats for that upcoming winter weather!





Happy knitting,


Back to Boston!

This past weekend was great fun in Boston with friends!  We went to the Christmas Festival held each year at the Seaport World Trade Center in Boston.  Just take a look at the line – so many people anxiously waiting to get in and see over 200 artisans.  Since this was our first time, we were not prepared for the crowds, many carrying empty bags?  Who would have guessed how important those bags would come in later!





It was exhausting fun!  Found a couple of great gifts and could have used those empty bags!



Pretty sure this will become a yearly event for us!

Later that night, we experienced this great Japanese restaurant called, Shabu-Zen.  Friends and I ordered a Hot Pot, which was a pot divided in two.  You selected two different broths, meats, and/or vegetables and once they turned on the conventional oven that was sunk into the middle of the table, you started cooking your dinner.  It was so good!  Throw in some noodles, and away you go!





Happy knitting,



Projects, projects, projects!

I have so many project ideas and so little time!  While looking and liking so many,  I started working on this new project and what I really like about it is that I am using up lots (really?) of my leftover yarn!  I have pulled together all different colors using the same worsted weight.  Here is a pile of my yarn stashed in my parents beautiful cherry dresser – its only been around for close to 75 years!






I just love the way the colors work with each other!  Found this project idea on Pinterest!  Just starting my scarf.  Watch for pictures coming soon!



Puppy seems happy with the weather – leaves falling all around..




Happy knitting,