Back to Boston!

This past weekend was great fun in Boston with friends!  We went to the Christmas Festival held each year at the Seaport World Trade Center in Boston.  Just take a look at the line – so many people anxiously waiting to get in and see over 200 artisans.  Since this was our first time, we were not prepared for the crowds, many carrying empty bags?  Who would have guessed how important those bags would come in later!





It was exhausting fun!  Found a couple of great gifts and could have used those empty bags!



Pretty sure this will become a yearly event for us!

Later that night, we experienced this great Japanese restaurant called, Shabu-Zen.  Friends and I ordered a Hot Pot, which was a pot divided in two.  You selected two different broths, meats, and/or vegetables and once they turned on the conventional oven that was sunk into the middle of the table, you started cooking your dinner.  It was so good!  Throw in some noodles, and away you go!





Happy knitting,




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