Friday Finds!

So, I am thinking of several different projects to start now that I have finished the chunky blanket for daughter (pictures to come later!)  While looking around,  I came across this great pattern for knitting a bracelet.  I think it would look great in any color.  What do you think?




The directions are free on Ravelry and should be a quick fun accessory!


Happy knitting,



The Blizzard of 2015?

Depending on where you are in the great northeast, you could be under several inches of snow or looking out the window and saying, “where is all the snow that was predicted?”  Even my last felting class at The Arts Center was cancelled.  Either way, we are all in cold, windy, winter weather and hopefully with heat in your home.  Right now, it is still snowing, but there isn’t more than a couple of inches on the ground and the temperatures are really low!




I have been working on that blanket for daughter and am just about done.  I have to say it has kept me warm while knitting, so it was a good project to start during January.  I used two contrasting  colors of Lion Brand Wool-Ease since it had to be a washable blanket.  The content is 87% acrylic, 10% wool and 4% other fiber.  With her friendly dogs, I am sure the whole family will be enjoying this blanket!






Using size 19 needles has made the blanket go really fast and is chunky and fun.  I know that it will be a great addition to their living room!

Time to start thinking of another project?

Happy knitting and keep warm,


Friday Finds!

Puppy might be sleeping, but I am busy with my knitting and felting ideas!



On Pinterest, I found this great looking knitted bag that I just have to make!  I went to my favorite knitting store today, Trumpet Hill to look for the T-Shirt yarn that was recommended in the pattern, but unfortunately, they do not have any and don’t plan on receiving any for the springtime.  So, I did notice that the yarn and those great handles are available through that site!  Can’t wait to get started….




Happy knitting,


New Project Time!

So with all my talk about wet felting and with my next class coming up next week, I still want to knit, just knit!  Part of my problem when looking for a new knitting project is that I see so many great things to make and I really think I get overwhelmed!  I know that I tend to loss interest with some projects – I just have to feel it, if that makes any sense?  Well, I realized it would be so much easier if I could just ask someone,”what would you like me to knit for you?”  That’s what I did and the answer was, “we could use a new blanket for the living room?” and then it came to me – remember those very large, fun to work with, my favorite Clover wooden needles, in a size 19! I could knit a big blanket in no time as per the request.



Looking at Pinterest, I found a couple of great looking big blanket patterns.  Now, I just have to decide which one I like best!  Oh, boy, another decision – but this one should be much easier now that I have a knitting path to follow.  (lol)

This one is called the Quickie Blanket and is a nice way to introduce two colors in a different way!  I do like it!  But I have to say, the directions are a little vague, but I think it is easy to figure out.



Here is another blanket pattern called Lacy Chunky Throw that I found.  I like the pattern, but the size would have to be adjusted since I would like it to be bigger so that more people and animals could cuddle up in it!



Kinda wish I had one now for myself to wrap myself up in!

Happy knitting,


Friday Finds!

Today finds me with a January cold and it has stuffed up my head and nose and I’m not sure how I got it! I plan on working really hard to send this cold away!

With that said, I have been working on my new felting interest and thinking of my next project or more likely projects.  I started this scarf and am still working on it, but I must say this is a very enjoyable form of art! The ideas and results are endless.  The scarf is made of a light cotton so that the felt can fuse to the fabric.  When the wet felting happens, it pulls or crinkles the scarf fabric around the wool and gives it a beautiful effect.


Best friend and I have just ordered new supplies and I am excited to get my hands of them.  We will be ready for our next class and then some!

Here are some pictures of a scarf featured in the book, Fabulous Felted Scarves, that shows the sheer fabric used when felting and how it takes on a unique look.


Happy felting,

Cold, Cold, Cold!

With all the January weather we are having, snow and cold, I have been continuing my new interest in wet felting.  Best friend and I were once again at The Arts Center and learning and expressing ourselves.  In some ways it is very different that knitting when you are following a specific pattern and the creativity has already been decided for you.  In wet felting, you are free to experiment with colors and textures and really “play” along the way.  I started this piece last night and I really had a hard time “playing”.  I kept asking myself, “what is it going to be?”.  Jeannie, our artisan, suggested that I just let it happen and to visually work with what I build and like.  So, this is not a finished piece, it still needs to be worked on more to let the felt grab into the cotton fabric, but it is a good beginning for me to have fun!



Now, I did want to share with you a different type of felting.  I  knitted a piece and then washed it so that it became felted.  This is a fun project as well, it incorporates the knitting (my first love) with fusing those fibers to create a finished felted product.  Here is a bag called, Knitter’s Big Bag, that I made, starting with just eight stitches and knitting with double pointed needles.  The pattern is from Long Meadow Designs and unfortunately, I couldn’t find the exact pattern, (it’s been a few years!) but there are many different and fun styles to try!




It’s really enjoyable and relaxing to create and just work with your hands and let the world continue on!


Happy creating,


Happy Snowy Friday!

Happy Friday!

The snow is coming down in tiny, little flakes and covering everything.  At least, the below zero temperatures and winds are gone for now.  I have to say, once the snow falls and leaves a blanket of white, it does make everything look a lot better than the dark colors of old worn-out snow that has been plowed and salted and mixed in with dirt.  (I know you would agree!)

It’s a good time to show you the cowl neck that I made for daughter. It’s called a Swans Island Olivia Cowl.  The pattern is a take-off from the Basket weave pattern.  I know it will keep the wind and cold away from her!



I liked the concept of a cowl neck so much that I decided to make another using Noro yarn in the color called Obi.  This yarn is from Japan and is just beautiful and colorful.  It is made of 55% wool, 35% silk, and 10% mohair.  The color variations include deep colors of turquoise, burnt orange, black and some purple.  I am knitting it on straight needles and will be using the Garter stitch.



I think this is going to look really nice!


Happy knitting,


Happy New Year!

Welcome 2015!





Here we are in January, and the weather is really, really cold!  In the great Northeast we are experiencing frigid temperatures.  Hopefully, all of the knitting that you have been doing is being made good use of now.  I finished this awesome cowl neck for my daughter and gave it to her as a Christmas gift.  I made it in a dark gray, worsted weight and used a type of basket weave stitch, which should show off her beautiful blue eyes.  Of course, I forgot to take a picture of it before I gave it to her-but watch for an upcoming selfie.


Happily, I am back to felting class.  Best friend and I went earlier last night for an independent felt class at The Arts Center of Troy, NY and what fun we had.  We are finishing the handbags that we started last time.  I worked on the handle (red large rope-like item) and I decided to add some decorations that will hang down from the front of the bag.  Here is what I have so far.



I also borrowed this great book from our instructor, Jeannie Thomma.  The book is called ScFabulous Felted Scarves by Chad Alice Hagen and Jorie Johnson.  We (bestie and myself) are planning to work on a scarf next week that infuses wool felt and the silk chiffon material.  I can’t wait to start looking through this book for ideas!




I will let you know how my next class goes next week.

Happy knitting,