Happy Snowy Friday!

Happy Friday!

The snow is coming down in tiny, little flakes and covering everything.  At least, the below zero temperatures and winds are gone for now.  I have to say, once the snow falls and leaves a blanket of white, it does make everything look a lot better than the dark colors of old worn-out snow that has been plowed and salted and mixed in with dirt.  (I know you would agree!)

It’s a good time to show you the cowl neck that I made for daughter. It’s called a Swans Island Olivia Cowl.  The pattern is a take-off from the Basket weave pattern.  I know it will keep the wind and cold away from her!



I liked the concept of a cowl neck so much that I decided to make another using Noro yarn in the color called Obi.  This yarn is from Japan and is just beautiful and colorful.  It is made of 55% wool, 35% silk, and 10% mohair.  The color variations include deep colors of turquoise, burnt orange, black and some purple.  I am knitting it on straight needles and will be using the Garter stitch.



I think this is going to look really nice!


Happy knitting,



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