Cold, Cold, Cold!

With all the January weather we are having, snow and cold, I have been continuing my new interest in wet felting.  Best friend and I were once again at The Arts Center and learning and expressing ourselves.  In some ways it is very different that knitting when you are following a specific pattern and the creativity has already been decided for you.  In wet felting, you are free to experiment with colors and textures and really “play” along the way.  I started this piece last night and I really had a hard time “playing”.  I kept asking myself, “what is it going to be?”.  Jeannie, our artisan, suggested that I just let it happen and to visually work with what I build and like.  So, this is not a finished piece, it still needs to be worked on more to let the felt grab into the cotton fabric, but it is a good beginning for me to have fun!



Now, I did want to share with you a different type of felting.  I  knitted a piece and then washed it so that it became felted.  This is a fun project as well, it incorporates the knitting (my first love) with fusing those fibers to create a finished felted product.  Here is a bag called, Knitter’s Big Bag, that I made, starting with just eight stitches and knitting with double pointed needles.  The pattern is from Long Meadow Designs and unfortunately, I couldn’t find the exact pattern, (it’s been a few years!) but there are many different and fun styles to try!




It’s really enjoyable and relaxing to create and just work with your hands and let the world continue on!


Happy creating,



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