Friday Finds!

Today finds me with a January cold and it has stuffed up my head and nose and I’m not sure how I got it! I plan on working really hard to send this cold away!

With that said, I have been working on my new felting interest and thinking of my next project or more likely projects.  I started this scarf and am still working on it, but I must say this is a very enjoyable form of art! The ideas and results are endless.  The scarf is made of a light cotton so that the felt can fuse to the fabric.  When the wet felting happens, it pulls or crinkles the scarf fabric around the wool and gives it a beautiful effect.


Best friend and I have just ordered new supplies and I am excited to get my hands of them.  We will be ready for our next class and then some!

Here are some pictures of a scarf featured in the book, Fabulous Felted Scarves, that shows the sheer fabric used when felting and how it takes on a unique look.


Happy felting,

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