New Project Time!

So with all my talk about wet felting and with my next class coming up next week, I still want to knit, just knit!  Part of my problem when looking for a new knitting project is that I see so many great things to make and I really think I get overwhelmed!  I know that I tend to loss interest with some projects – I just have to feel it, if that makes any sense?  Well, I realized it would be so much easier if I could just ask someone,”what would you like me to knit for you?”  That’s what I did and the answer was, “we could use a new blanket for the living room?” and then it came to me – remember those very large, fun to work with, my favorite Clover wooden needles, in a size 19! I could knit a big blanket in no time as per the request.



Looking at Pinterest, I found a couple of great looking big blanket patterns.  Now, I just have to decide which one I like best!  Oh, boy, another decision – but this one should be much easier now that I have a knitting path to follow.  (lol)

This one is called the Quickie Blanket and is a nice way to introduce two colors in a different way!  I do like it!  But I have to say, the directions are a little vague, but I think it is easy to figure out.



Here is another blanket pattern called Lacy Chunky Throw that I found.  I like the pattern, but the size would have to be adjusted since I would like it to be bigger so that more people and animals could cuddle up in it!



Kinda wish I had one now for myself to wrap myself up in!

Happy knitting,



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