Friday Finds!

Happy Friday!  The end of the week is here and the weekend will begin shortly!  Since the cold weather hasn’t changed I thought I would find a quick weekend project that will give you immediate satisfaction and warmth.  Here is a great pattern for leg warmers that will give that added layer when the cold wind blows!



The pattern is called Wolly and is free on Ravelry.  The suggested yarn is Lana Grossa Basics Boston, but any bulky yarn would work.  The important part to remember is to check your gauge – it should be 15 stitches and 24 rows = 4″ in stockinette stitch.  Here is my gauge check on a project that I’m working on now.



Happy knitting,



More Felting!

What can I say, wet felting has become a new interest of mine.  The more you work with it the more you enjoy and find ways to express yourself.  I met with bf and was working on a gift for my soon-to- be 88 year old mom!  She always been that freckled-face red head with her quick wit and no nonsense comments.  Don’t get me wrong, there’s a lot of love in those words, but beware, she true thoughts will show whether you are ready for them or not!

So, while puppy was sleeping – again! How is he breathing? lol I was busy putting this blog together!



Anyway, as I was saying bf and I have bought a boat load of supplies for our new endeavor!  Here are some pictures of my finished gift!



The pale pink scarf consists of three “flowers” that are flowing around the scarf by Pencil fibers with wisps of yarn that have to be “Captured” within the fibers.  So, interesting how the whole thing works.


Love the scarf against this mohair afghan that I knitted years ago!


Whatever your passion is or if you need to find it; I recommend that you find something you enjoy that gives you relaxation and pleasure, because it makes you smile!

The learning and experimenting continues!

Happy knitting,


Friday Finds!

I had to bring you this story that makes me think that anything in knitting is possible.  I came across it about a recent oil spill off Australia and how one women decided to help out.  After contacting other knitting friends-several hundred and more of these Sweater Jumpers were created! Just take a look at this picture!  Cute!



According to the article, there is actually a pattern that you can download to knit a sweater for these penguins while they are be treated for oil slick exposure. You can be as creative as you would like with your design-I’m sure the penguins will love it!  Check it out!


Happy knitting,


Keeping Warm?

As the single-digit temperatures continue, I am reminded that there are approximately 30 days left to winter!  (Really, that makes me so excited!!)  Don’t get me wrong, I love to knit projects to keep you warm, but I also enjoy knitting in cottons and light weight yarns as well.  Can’t wait for some warmer weather, even 35 degrees would feel so much better that 10 degrees!  But until that time, I am looking at more knitting projects that keep you warm and cozy.

I am knitting a Sleep Sack for a new little one.  It reminds me of a cocoon and seems like it would keep a baby all snug and warm.  The pattern is called, Owlie Sleep Sack  and though I do like owls, I decided I would like to work a different pattern in that area.  The color request was for a deep worsted weight gray that would be practical, pretty, and gender neutral.  The top roll gives a softness to the Sack.  I just love it!


This is the yarn that I am using and what I have done so far!





Happy knitting,


Happy Valentine’s Day!

This weekend is Valentine’s day and wherever you look there are cards, chocolate, and stuffed animals.  A way to express your feelings to that special someone.  Besides all the commercial ways of showing you care,  within a relationship, your commitment to that person and the life you have together is most important and you express those feelings in many different ways, hopefully,  daily.  But on Valentine’s Day, who wouldn’t love a big, beautiful bouquet of roses (actually any big, beautiful bouquet of flowers would do!) and one of my favorite things is definitely chocolate, or how about a big, hot cup of Mocha coffee?

I did find a knitting idea that I thought was really great!  This one is perfect for our snowy, single-digit weather that we have been having.  You can knit up this red heart and fill it with rice, put it in the microwave and it becomes the best Valentine Hand Warmer around!  I love it!


Happy Valentine’s Day,



Friday Finds!

Thinking ahead, I couldn’t resist this quick knitting project!  It’s a Striped Baby Hat.  The colors and stripes are fun and, I bet it would also look good  in a traditional color pallet.  The stitches are knitted sideways into a rectangle and then the piece is folded in half.  Add the tassels and there you are!  So cute!



Happy knitting,


February, here you are!

We have 6 more weeks of winter according to a four-legged source and after that last snowstorm, there isn’t any place to put all the snow!  This area got up to 15″ between Sunday and Monday and basically left almost everything closed while the snow came down!  I had to shovel a walkway for puppy to find his spot – the look he gave me – was so funny!  The snow piled twice as high as he stands.  And when shoveling the driveway, within minutes, he was shivering, and shivering more!  I had to bring him in and let him warm- up and he decided to take another rest.  Isn’t he so cute!



Here’s a couple of pictures from my yard with all that snow!  Love the way it stays on some of my plants.  Can’t wait to see them bloom this spring.




I finished that chunky two-tone blanket that daughter requested.  Here are the pictures that I promised.  I am happy with the way it turned out and hope it keeps her and her family warm!



I think, because of the cold weather, it would be a good idea to make one more blanket.  I have another request for a special gift, so now is the time to start thinking about what type of blanket I could knit!

Happy knitting,