Keeping Warm?

As the single-digit temperatures continue, I am reminded that there are approximately 30 days left to winter!  (Really, that makes me so excited!!)  Don’t get me wrong, I love to knit projects to keep you warm, but I also enjoy knitting in cottons and light weight yarns as well.  Can’t wait for some warmer weather, even 35 degrees would feel so much better that 10 degrees!  But until that time, I am looking at more knitting projects that keep you warm and cozy.

I am knitting a Sleep Sack for a new little one.  It reminds me of a cocoon and seems like it would keep a baby all snug and warm.  The pattern is called, Owlie Sleep Sack  and though I do like owls, I decided I would like to work a different pattern in that area.  The color request was for a deep worsted weight gray that would be practical, pretty, and gender neutral.  The top roll gives a softness to the Sack.  I just love it!


This is the yarn that I am using and what I have done so far!





Happy knitting,



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