More Felting!

What can I say, wet felting has become a new interest of mine.  The more you work with it the more you enjoy and find ways to express yourself.  I met with bf and was working on a gift for my soon-to- be 88 year old mom!  She always been that freckled-face red head with her quick wit and no nonsense comments.  Don’t get me wrong, there’s a lot of love in those words, but beware, she true thoughts will show whether you are ready for them or not!

So, while puppy was sleeping – again! How is he breathing? lol I was busy putting this blog together!



Anyway, as I was saying bf and I have bought a boat load of supplies for our new endeavor!  Here are some pictures of my finished gift!



The pale pink scarf consists of three “flowers” that are flowing around the scarf by Pencil fibers with wisps of yarn that have to be “Captured” within the fibers.  So, interesting how the whole thing works.


Love the scarf against this mohair afghan that I knitted years ago!


Whatever your passion is or if you need to find it; I recommend that you find something you enjoy that gives you relaxation and pleasure, because it makes you smile!

The learning and experimenting continues!

Happy knitting,



3 thoughts on “More Felting!

  1. I love your wet felt scarves! The textures and color choices are so unique. They are more art than scarf. If I owned one I would want to display it rather than wear it!

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