Another Felting!

Well, I have to say that each time I decide to felt, it becomes a learning experience and you are sometimes very happy with your work and other times wish you had done more experimenting!  That’s how I feel with this next scarf.  I wanted to work the felt differently than in the past and I feel like this piece is not a representation of my best work!  Having said that, I know that each time you wet felt, you become better at “forecasting” the end result to a point.  That is the process that I am and will continue to work on.  Certainly the process has the same type of steps but the unexpected will be how you used your colors, the layers, types of fibers, and any add-ons; such as strings of yarn.  It will also make a difference depending on your work surface, both of the scarves have been made of silk. The result could be totally different on a cotton piece of fabric.  Wet felting works best on these types of fabrics.

If you are interested in learning more about felting – I have featured this book before – but will gladly show it again.  It’s very informative.


The colors here are some of my favorites – let me know what you think!



On this next picture you can see the creme colored yarn and curly felt that I captured within the felt.






I worked on a black silk piece and left out any felting in the middle.  As with any new idea, I wanted to see how that would effect the finished product.



The final picture above shows the reverse side of the scarf and you can see how the fibers adhered to the scarf and came through in the process.

Next time, I will talk about Nuno Felting and the difference between the two.

As usual, puppy is totally uninterested  – unless I say walk time!!


Happy knitting and felting,



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