Felting Road Trip!

It was time for BF and I to take our road trip to the New England Felting Supply in Easthampton, Ma.  We started out on a very rainy Saturday morning, making our usual caffeine stop, and traveling the two hours to get to our destination.  I love this time because we get to talk, catch-up, support and laugh with each other.  I honestly don’t know where I would be without our friendship – that connection with a person that you know you can be yourself with, a person you can look to for that shoulder, that inspiration, that belief.  I am truly lucky!



So, as we were flying down the wet highway, I was able to take this picture of the mountainside demonstrating our icy winter weather that is hopefully behind us now. Awesome, right?



Anyway, the Supply place is just unbelievable.  After walking through a normal looking store front that shows off the most beautiful felted objects, you move to the back of the store which is full of all kinds of supplies, colors, ideas, books, embellishments, and the most helpful staff.  Here are some pictures I took.  These felted pieces are just so beautiful and unique!  I hope to try my hand at similar ideas.





This picture does not do the dress justice – the work in it is so beautiful!


Nuno felting on a printed silk scarf.


These are call vessels – and are all made from felting.

Well, about 3 hours later – here is what I bought!  Can’t wait to get started on a couple of felting projects!


Happy felting (and knitting),




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