Friday Finds!

Ok, so the weather is still cloudy and very windy.  I know the calendar says spring – but the northeast is never predictable!  So, I really like this shawl that I found on Ravelry.  The colors are vibrant and will keep you covered during those windy days!  The pattern is a free download and looks very playful.


This is will go in my bucket list too!

Happy knitting,



Friday Finds!

Looking for a great spring/summer item to knit?  I have, and I found one to share that I think I would definitely add to my wardrobe.  Here is a good-looking tank with a twist in color variations that can be worn with just about all of your capris and shorts.  The pattern is free on Ravelry. I need to add this to my bucket list!


Happy knitting,


Spring is really here!

So, you know that it is really spring when you start to see more people out and about while you are walking your dog around the neighborhood – where were they when puppy and I were out in the 30 degree weather!  (lol) I happen to enjoy walking in the cold weather and snow almost as much as I enjoy walking in 60 degree weather.  Actually, I like it a lot because you can always add another scarf or wear that big old WARM down coat and kind of laugh at the chill in the air!   Now, with the nice 60 or so degree weather and all the brown leave bags in front of the houses, the neighborhood is coming alive!  How wonderful!


It’s great to see the grass trying to grow tall and green.  Soon, the flowers will begin to sprout, too.  Yes, spring is here – a new beginning  – new creations to come!

My projects are keeping me busy and a felting gathering is being worked on with bf!  Pictures to follow.



Flower Felting!

So, just had to play with felting again and tried my hand at making some flowers in the most enjoyable way – with bf, conversation, felting supplies and have a little of that red beverage!


I love the colors and I added some leaves!



Happy knitting and felting,


More Felting Ideas!

I am busy working on some knitting projects but since they are gifts, I am unable to show you till later in the month.  Now with a new working position, I find myself with less time to work on my knitting and felting projects! 😦

Since I have started to be interested in felting and have found a new way of expressing myself, I bought this new book on felting called Flowers in Felt & Stitch by Moy Mackay and it is really interesting how she has created beautiful works using the needle and thread along with other sewing items on her finished felted piece.  It is a progression of layers worked first on plain white merino roving wool as a template to her “painted” flowers.  Moy then works, as a artist would, with colors that reflect her idea of a background.  She then begins with her vase and actually shapes it with scissors, which typically is not a tool that you use in felting.  This gives the vase sharp, clean edges.  Next she works on the stems and leaves.  This part allows you to manipulate the felt to reflect your vision of stems and leaves.  It’s your eyes intepretation as with any expressive work.  Moy has explained and photographed the process so well for the reader.  Here are a couple of the pictures that I took from her book.  I plan on utilizing some of these techniques in upcoming projects.


Please enjoy!


This is her beginning template with the sky being added.


Shaping the vase.


Placing the stems and adjusting them as she wants.


Adding the flowers – just love the colors!  This last picture does not reflect the finished piece, it’s just the beginning of a beautiful artwork!

There is so much more in the book and I am anxious to find the time to read it!

Happy knitting and felting,