Spring is really here!

So, you know that it is really spring when you start to see more people out and about while you are walking your dog around the neighborhood – where were they when puppy and I were out in the 30 degree weather!  (lol) I happen to enjoy walking in the cold weather and snow almost as much as I enjoy walking in 60 degree weather.  Actually, I like it a lot because you can always add another scarf or wear that big old WARM down coat and kind of laugh at the chill in the air!   Now, with the nice 60 or so degree weather and all the brown leave bags in front of the houses, the neighborhood is coming alive!  How wonderful!


It’s great to see the grass trying to grow tall and green.  Soon, the flowers will begin to sprout, too.  Yes, spring is here – a new beginning  – new creations to come!

My projects are keeping me busy and a felting gathering is being worked on with bf!  Pictures to follow.




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