Friday Catch-up!

Happy to say it’s Friday!  The weekend is upon us and time to have some much needed relaxation, or time to get things done around the house and; don’t forget to wish those dad’s in your life a Happy Father’s Day!


I started knitting a scarf the other day with my Noro yarn called Obi, which includes so many colors; such as bright pink, turquoise, burnt orange and celery green.  Almost too many to name.  Really don’t want to think about the next season that is ahead of us, but what can I say, you have to start sometime!  Take a look!


Also, puppy continues to feel better and now little by little is traveling up and down the stairs.  Hopefully, he will not hurt his back again, but since he is such an active dog, I do worry that he might.  I don’t want him to be in pain like that ever again.  Here is another great picture of him sitting on the front steps – just enjoying the outside for a change! Such a cutie!


Happy knitting,



Friday FInds!

This has been a crazy week – the temperatures have dipped where it was down right chilly!  Now, thankfully, we are experiencing moderate temperatures in the 70’s.

Puppy is definitely feeling better and thinks he is ready for the stairs!  According to the vet – he should stay on one floor for one more week.  Not sure I can make it since Puppy has decided to wake me up between 3:30 and 4:00am with constant barking!  I really think it’s because he has never really been on a different floor than me – I stay with him – but as soon as I leave (like to shower or do the dishes) he starts in again.  Honestly, it’s exhausting!!


But, I do have to say that I am soooo glad that he is feeling better!  He gave me quite a scare!

Anyway,  as you know, I love Pinterest and Ravelry!  Both sites offer tons of knitting ideas!  Sometimes, I like to just look around for new ideas and definitely wish I had more time to tackle some of the great patterns.  I found this on in beautiful scarf on Ravelry and thought I would share it with you.


Happy knitting,