Happy Almost 4th of July!

Here we are at the beginning of another month with great expectations on the days to come!  There will be fireworks and family time and, thankfully, great weather for the great northeast!

I have been able to take puppy out on short walks again and I know that both he and I are enjoying that time together.  I don’t have to listen to quite as much crying and howling as I leave the house to venture out on my own.  So, the other night while walking I took this picture of some beautiful looking flowers!  Maybe some day I would take those photography classes and really take some awesome pictures!  Such a great pastime – taking a moment in time and capturing it!  Dare I say – very cool!!


Though I have put baby knitting aside for now (just for a short time), I am continuing my idea to knit some Christmas gifts that will be given this coming holiday.  They are a quick and easy way to produce something that someone could use and appreciate come the colder weather.  So, I found this really fun yarn called, Patons ColorWul.  The color is called Bloom, and as you can see there are many great colors in it!  It is bulky yarn, so it will knit up fast and with it being 100% wool, you know that it will keep you warm.


I was thinking of using a pattern that I saw on Purl Bee that makes the ends curl on purpose, adding to the fun and carefree feeling of the yarn.  The scarf is called Confetti Scarf.

Happy knitting,



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